Joy of Giving Week – Celebrate with exclusive gifts for your employees

Make the week special Oct 2nd  – Oct 8th 2012 with affordable gifts which can be customized to suit the needs of all your branches. Share and show that you care with the best quality gifts for your employees.

Fantastic choices and varied ranges in all types of gifts! Gifts can be selected from T-shirts, desktop accessories, watches, purses, I pad covers, bags, mementoes and technological gadgets.

Engrave a message on a cup or a tall coffee mug. A perfect time to bond with your teammates and enjoy the week with a perfect idea in gifting.








steel mugs


Utility folding basket
















How to choose budget corporate gifts for clients and gift wrapping them.

How to choose budget corporate gifts for clients

Usually the annual budget of the company has a special provision for corporate gifts under administration or business expenses .The companies allots a certain budget as per needs. Promotional corporate gifts, sports corporate gifts, felicitations and festival corporate gifts are common headings. Event promotion of exhibition gifts are usually low priced. It is important for the company to understand the decorum of gifting and then go for a proper supplier who will ensure timeliness and quality in service. Budget of corporate gifts should not be lavish as the quality of the gifts should be of premium wear.

Stationery items can be brought as bulk purchases and wrappings can also be purchased in corporate colors. To adhere to a corporate style of presenting the wrappings have to be in minimal dressing. Budget can be raised for ad hoc promotion plans in case of a new launch or diversification of business. Budgetary requirements also have to be on a strict cost comparison with other vendors and the management needs to choose a good supplier which is also feasible in terms of money.

Gentle Wrapping corporate gifts

Gentle care has to be extended to glass and crystal ware which is fragile in nature. In case the supplier has to ship the product to another city it is important to mention the batch number and other details like airway number or railway receipt to the administration department. Timeliness and freshness has to be maintained while delivery the gift.

Gifting to employees has to be standardized. Usually linear management does not bifurcate the gifting process and usually goes for standardized products in gifts. The wrapper has to be neat and new ideas in wrapping are usually suggested by the vendor. Baskets are great choice in gifts that come in vintage wooden box style, polished cane boxes or the regular straw basket style.

Gifts for Employees

Festive times necessitate the occasion of gifting. Employees require morale boosting in terms of their service rendered. Often monetary enhancements are required but a verbal appreciation is also essential to retain the services of a motivated employee. The true wealth of any organization lies with the level of motivation provided by all levels of managements. Companies realize the virtue of motivation and also provide congenial amenities to enhance the productivity of the employees.

Perks, gift vouchers and holiday homes are a wonderful means to boost the morale of the employee. Employee gift can be gifted in wonderful cases or baskets. Assorted biscuits, cookies or muffins are also common means of gifting the employee. More recognized gifts can come in form of music CD’s, Swiss Army Knives, a collection of literature or exclusive branded writing instruments.








Jute Handbags Eco-friendly corporate gifts for employees – With more awareness on environmental conservation and global warming the corporate gifts can be simplified or modified into ecofriendly products. Management recognizes the wealth of the employee and also award meritorious achievements especially during these times when it is necessary to curtail wastage. Felicitation corporate gifts are common ways to recognize new talent and also award a deserving employee. A special recognition is often required when an employee contributes greatly in terms of motivation, team spirit, product enhancement or cost control.

Hand made diyas, contributions by foot and mouth artists, eco-friendly gifts products made in India by recycled waste products are also a way the management empathizes the ecology preservation need. A set of shopping bags, creative organic colors like paints and craft work can also boost the morale of the employee. Chinese lamps, hand made wood sculpture; bronze pieces and embroided tapestry also serve as an alternative.

Exclusive Corporate Gifts

Gifting is a very meticulous task. The gift has to be appropriate as per the occasion. When you need something exclusive, you can brainstorm with your team whether you need to add in the special touch with personalized items.

This can be taken care of with the help of interesting ideas and you can also engrave the logo of your latest product to make it memorable. Gifts for senior teammates as well professionals need to have the finesse and style, which is corporate as well as pleasing. Value addition is surely a great inclusion here.

Some gifts are seen as :

  • Gift sets in crockery with logo engraving.
  • Drinking glasses and cutlery
  • Figurines in glass and crystal
  • Wood sculptures for outdoor decorative purpose
  • Leather goods
  • Gizmos and promotional gadgets

Gifting crockery is perhaps the best way to add an item of utility. Glasses and decanter are always useful. Crystal and glassware is another huge range you have. Awards and recognition in crystal is also possible. Sculptures or statues in wood in the wide range is also possible. Regular items also include leather products. Gadgets like mobiles or exclusive ranges in semi precious jewelry is also a great gift.


Handicraft gift items – Memories for a lifetime.




Mini Pony oval base with Clock-with colored crystals.   





made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals-Product Code : [ U0316-126-GBL01 ]-sc-fus

 Heart & Tulips Rotating Clock 







Product Code : [ U0333-146-GMX01 ]-made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals


 Vintage Car with Clock-Product Code : [ U0090-045-GT001 ]-sc-fus 

Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals.


Three Tulips in Crystal Vase- Pen Set small with Black Pen- Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals. Product Code : [ U0212-171-GM1 ] sc-fus


  Made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS CrystalsSailboat- Pen Set large with Black Pen -Product Code : [ U0047-172-GGX ]- sc-fus  made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS CrystalsGolf Bag- Deluxe Oval B Product Code – U0060-171-GA1-sc-fu


 U talk radiation free handsets  





 IMG_81091 – sc – wc  IMG_8117


Silver coated exclusive premium corporate gifts – sc-wc







Led glow candles can be customized as per your choice and are available in unique colors, sizes. These flame less candles are Made of Real Paraffin wax to preserve it’s original looks – They are ideal For Corporate Gifts, Festival gifts, Home decor gifts and Delegate Events gifting.











Original swarovski pens – crystalline ball point pen, set of 2 pens – code: sc-apgr










swarovski – crystalline USB & ball point pen,White Pearl  .code:  sc-apgr



 Interesting corporate Gifts



Senior Management Corporate Gifts

Gifting the senior management personnel also calls for decorum. It would be nice to seek an appointment to present the gift. In case the company wants to present a gift to the senior management of another company then it is important to hand over the gift personally along with a neat note.

Too much of words in the note or extra wrappings does not talk about corporate behavior and hence a minimal yet neat wrapping seems perfect. A boss gift certainly has to contain an element of decorum. There are several branded corporate gifts for the senior management level of utility value like time branded pens, clocks, golf sets, crystal desktop gifts and also mini photo frames. Presenting the gift is also an art well taken care of the supplier. Gifts here certainly are premium variety and a cost is attached to it. The value is of importance and hence investing in the same is a viable option. Exclusive wood crafted photo frames, laptop bags, executive suitcases, branded stationery in terms of writing instruments can be looked as a senior management option.


Ideas for 10 year award : Corporate gifts : really exclusive in the price range of 7,000 – 10,000 INR. Option to make it personalized with logo is important. A plaque/  or certificate, price range of INR 1,000 are suitable.

Employees in every grade represent their organization when they use products with the company’s logo. Senior management usually fly Executive class throughout the world and hence their accompaniments must spell class. Senior management gives speak about class and gifting here has to be well planned.

Exquisite Chess sets










Show piece Pen stands









Branded Pen sets










  exclusive desk top corporate gifts, crystal corporate gifts etc

Corporate Events and gifts

Events are the best way to collaborate and build business relationships. Utility items as well as extravagant items are also gifted as per the occasion or as per the theme behind the event.

The events are largely about collaboration and awareness programs, which are enabled with tangible items like gifts in the economical as well as luxurious range. The grade and position of the professional matters while extending event giveaways.






Eco friendly gifts for corporate events



Smart economical corporate event giveaways can include :

  • Jute Folders and organizers.
  • Wallets and pens.
  • Caps, T shirts and sun shades.

The best styles in folders and organizers are always used by busy executives. The compartments
are wisely crafted to suit the official needs of individuals. Pens and wallets are seem a great
gift and are high on utility. Simple and colorful T-shirts and caps can be used to send more
awareness of the product by engraving the brand name.

Luxurious gifts, promotional giveaway items and trade show giveaways can include premium items like :

  • Audio phones and Mobiles.
  • Laptop bags and Travel bags.
  • Premium trolley bags / executive bags.
  • Premium handcrafted items.

Phone and mobiles in the sleekest variety and gadgets are a great choice for senior people.
Other gifts include the bags for travel and special laptop bags for handy items. Trolley bags are
always useful for travel and the wheeled bags for laptops are also a popular choice.

To make the occasion memorable, it is desired to have the best gifts that is branded with the logo and message
of a new product or theme or can be smartly gift wrapped. Personalization and branding of event gifts can also be customized accordingly with corporate your logo.

Business Corporate Gifts

Crisp and elegant business gifts certainly show the respect and value you have for your clients and employees.

The gifts can be customized as per an event or celebration. The enthusiasm of an occasion or the expression of comfort in business dealings can be easily expressed with the help of the best gifts that are formal and presented in as stylish fashion.

Personalizing the gifts too is important and a whole range of new items like card holders and purses in the best quality are the best way to extend the team spirit and collaboration.





A range of business gifts are available :

  • Wallets and purses.
  • Cases for desktop items and mobile chargers.
  • Metal key chains with a LED tube.
  • Compact accessories for a computer.
  • Planners, memo pads and pen sets.

Reliable styles are seen in new purses and wallets. It is great to find the best colors and compact
styles in super smooth finish, which are meant, for executives. Other gifts like mobile chargers
and desktop items are always useful due to their compactness.

Computer accessories like mouse pads, speakers as well as camera or phones are always useful. The best
in pen sets, memo pads as well as planners is a perfect way to add style to the art of gifting in
the corporate style. In the corporate sphere, gifts must be planned according to the grade of the
person. Interesting gifts are also about packaging and wrapping. Personalized corporate gifts are a perfect
way to gift in the business circle.

Corporate gifts for pharma companies

Novel products in pharma gifts are creating a newness with its ideas and presentations. Respecting the profession and gifting pharma items is certainly a pleasure when the utility is appreciated. Pharma items are a new trend altogether with interesting items for decorative purpose as well as utility factors.

Many desktop items serve the purpose of aiding the doctors or physicians to facilitate their daily work. Branded pens or pen sets  can be given to high profile doctors. A range of items can be explored in the budgeted gifts for pharma products. Stylish gifts can include a first aid box as well as the medical kit for doctors
who are on call.



tablet slip holder

















Torch tube






























Tablet shaped hand wash









Tooth paper weights, ideal pharma gifts for dentists















New pharma gifts are available :

  • Protection masks and gloves in the premium quality.
  • Body suit for protection.
  • USB flash drivers and pen drives.
  • Pen sets and writing instruments.
  • Flash lights in the LED variety.

The LED flash lights are of good use to doctors and the lighting system in the same is adequate
for ENT investigation. The best gift is also a body suit with protection masks which can
be branded with a product name. The coolest options are seen in pen drives representing a
thermometer or a tablet and that is a great delight to a receiver.

Pens and writing instrument sets are also of great utility as pharma products. Useful gifts for nurses and doctors can be
customized as a sales promotion plan or even as the seasons compliments. Travel bags,
organization kits, coffee mugs as well as planners are also superb gifts.


Corporate gifts for CEO

Gifts for senior personnel especially the highest ranking CEO has to be special. These can include the best in smart and accessible gadgets and also travel items. The CEO position is senior and gifts must be based on the seniority of the person. Hence it is good to include stylized gifts that are in the luxurious range.

 Kyte’s Flame less Candle  


 BCT -906  Golf set 908 BCT



 world time clocks  


Home decor gifts


Decision maker







Super Exclusive Gifts made from SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals


Classic Globe – Clock. Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals. Product Code : [ U0297-045-GMX01 ]-sc-fus










OM- Pen Set large with Black Pen. Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals.  Product Code : [ U0418-172-GRE ]-sc-fus










Heart & Tulips Rotating Clock-

Product Code : [ U0333-146-GMX01 ]-sc-fus











Mini Pony oval base with Clock-Product Code : [ U0418-172-GRE ]-sc-fus


Special care must be taken to add a touch of glamour to the packaging. Personalized items too are a perfect way to gift a senior professional like a CEO of the company. Branded and good quality items are certainly great.

A few gifts meant for a CEO may include:

  • Gadgets, mobile covers, apps.
  • Wireless mouse
  • Desktop accessories in premium kinds
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Crystal sets
  • Utility items for outdoor travel.

The best in gadgets like mobile covers and additional apps for a console is a great gift. Trending
styles also include a wireless mouse or an android phone to suit the utility needs of a senior
professional. Other ideas can be great looking desktop accessories like planners, alarm clocks
or even crystal figurines branded with your company logo.

An important item are the sets in crystal for decorative purpose. The
sincere utility items like a digital camera, outdoor travel items as well as camping essentials
would be a perfect gift for the professional who is an enthusiastic trekker. The best in CEO
gifts or Executive Gifts can be also obtained with us. Special and radiating extravagant styles, there are hampers for
personal use, which can be personalized to create a decorum that is formal and stylish.

es are a class apart !

Corporate gifts for banks

Celebrating an event or an achievement in the bank is certainly great. You can also customize corporate gifts accordingly.

Many gifts can be arranged for distributing it to bankers. An annual event arranged in a formal decorum or a picnic can also be a suitable occasion to award deserving employees.

General gifts can also be given to employees to improve their morale and zest in the corporate standards. Employees at all levels appreciate items that are full of utility.




Some interesting and useful gifts for bank employees:

Mobile holders and chargers.
Photo frames.
Digitalized alarm clocks.
Travel bag and pouches.
Stationery items and writing instruments.

Several banks also present their employees with utility options like lunch boxes, premium
thermos flasks, kitchen sets like glasses, crystal bowls and coins in gold and silver. Gifts like
food processors and CD players are great too.


Mobile chargers as well as holders are very useful as they are light weight, compact and do not occupy much space. Glancing at your loved one is surely inspirational and lowers stress. Hence, photo frames are an ideal gift for office desks.

Economically priced and suited for bulk orders photo frames in acrylic and wood are the best
gift for a general occasion. Alarm clocks in the digitalized form are accurate and suit the need of
banking professionals. Full of utility and immense use the writing instruments like markers, pens
and pencils are always a great gift to people at deskwork. An apt packing would be a great way
to extend the gifts to all your employees.






Corporate gifts for IT company

For the busy IT professional, there are several innovative gifts, which can be arranged.
Professionals, who are travelling, need a lot of compactness in their utility items. There are many
ideas in desktop accessories too. Smart and professional gifts are always available with the best
ideas in wrapping. It is certainly great to find new and economical gifts catered for employees
in the IT sector.

The employee of the week program is also a suitable time to award the special
employee with a gift. Modest as well as luxurious gifts are available depending on the event or

The gifts here include:

  • Trolley bags for laptops.
  • Desktop requirements like pen holders, mobile charges and compact clocks.
  • Planners and travel clocks.
  • Space saving pouches and kits.
  • Mouse pads and I pad covers.
  • Eco friendly jute products
  • Credit Card pen drives
  • card holders






Jute laptop Bag

Eco friendly Jute Products for corporate gifts reflects your concern for environment.



Trolley bags seem perfect for laptops especially when one has to shuttle between flights and a
lot of travel. They make travelling safe and are lightweight. A cluttered desk is a strict no-no.

Desktop accessories like clocks or even pen holders add more style and organized culture to your
workdays. Mobile charges in the portable variety are unique and come in formal colors that suit a
busy decorum and business needs.


Planners too in the compact and foldable variety are a perfect gift. More convenience is seen in the pouches for travel as well as complementary kits that is great for a professional who spends a lot of time on travelling. Utility mouse pads as well as Jute Ipad covers and Ipad cases are also a must for an IT personnel and suits their needs.


Other useful corporate gift ideas for BPOs, Call centers and IT companies employees :


Card holder



Digital clocks



Credit Card Pen Drive



Corporate gifts for employees

Exciting gifts meant for employees can be created around a theme. For a festive occasion, there
are several new gifting ideas. To make it special, you can also organize a party and award each
of your employees with interesting gifts. Employee centric organizations always look for gifts
in the preferred variety to keep the spirits high of all their employees. Economical gifts in good
quality are available too. Improving relations is a sincere effort in building a support system
within an organization.

You can make your choice in the following utility items and arrange for the perfect occasion to
gift it to your employees:

  • Chocolates and home made toffees
  • Assorted biscuits.
  • Bags in non woven variety.
  • Handmade jewelry.
  • corporate T-shirts printed for employees

Exclusive gifts can be arranged with great wrapping ideas and an art of presentation. Stylish
sets as magazine racks, coffee table books as well as utility items for the kitchen seem great too.
Chocolates are always a perfect choice and loved by people of all ages. You may also include a
few dark chocolates as a healthy option.

Biscuits in various tastes and shapes have always been a distinct style. Available in amazing packs and boxes they are the best gift for all occasions.

The eco-friendly concept is catching up in a big way and hence non woven bags are a perfect choice.
They are long lasting and come in vibrant colors. The exquisite choice in jewelry especially the
handmade variety enhances the art of gifting.