Corporate Gifts Ideas

Depending on the need of the client or occasion, a good gift should be one that is within the budget and quality.

Popular corporate gifts ideas in India include :

Stationery items : Corporate gifts include stationery items that are easily seen as note pads, scribble pads, post-its and pens. There can be a lot of branding done on the same and you can use it for all your regional office. This kind of homogeneity is surely a nice idea when you are setting up a new product.

promotional umbrella : Apt for a summer climate or rains, a parasol or an umbrella is the best promotional product. It is a pleasure to gift a corporate gift in a perfect wrapping or the umbrella can also be an extension to a travel kit, which you present to your senior executives.

Flasks, tumblers and mugs : A perfect item of utility is seen with flasks, tumblers and even mugs. Engraving of the logo or company name can easily be done on the flask. Apt for every occasion, tumblers are also the best gift for all seasons and economical too.

wrist watch : Latest and unique styles of wrist watches are seen as corporate gifts. The trendy styles in sports watches are also full of color and unique geometric designs. Easy to gift and also with attractive wrapping, they are ideal as promotional products. Ladies wrist watches are also available with us for gifting.

Gift baskets : Baskets are always a good gift for all corporate reasons. You can add your own style with confectioneries, assorted chocolates and wafers. The contents can be encased in special wooden baskets or the wicker ones are also a perfect style. Good quality and hygienic packing makes the gift more presentable

Pen holders: A combination set of writing instruments along with a unique pen holder is a good gift. Compact pen holders that can be used as a desktop accessory is also available. You can also find styles in eco-friendly wood pen holders that also have an ethnic charm with works on the same.

Digital tabletop clocks: Clocks for tabletop have to be of an excellent quality and they are the best corporate gifts. Available as round, oval and square they make the perfect accessory to tell the time. There are new compact styles in digital alarm clocks that are also good when you are traveling.

Travel Bags : Travel bags are always handy items. They are found in several styles and the backpack variety is good. They are good as corporate gifts and can be combined as a promotional gift for the launch of a product. Additional, branding or logo marking can also be done on the same.

usb flash drive ( promotional pen drives ) : A usb flash drive is a good item of utility. Presentable and very stylish the utility level is also high. You can have smart choices as a bracelet or even a small case that can be hooked to a belt or a design. Branding surely is effective here. Colorful cases also make the drives presentable.

Promotional Caps : Caps are always a useful item and a good promotional product. You can have an array of colors in peek caps that can have the branding of a product. This is an excellent promotional gift for launching a new product in the market. Unique styles are also now being seen in caps for children and ladies depending on the feature of the product.

Importance of Corporate Gifts

Choosing a corporate gift is much about the occasion or event. Handmade corporate gifts have a certain elegance that is perfect for foreign delegates visiting our country and also to be presented during new product launches A good corporate gift demands a certain decorum that will be necessary to maintain the standard. Proper gifting etiquette needs to be followed.

Reputed companies often go in for a makeover each year while gifting. Unique gifts can be seen in ceramics that is indigenous as well as exclusive wear that is found in imported items.

Corporate gifts are given by companies and corporates for several occasions. Gifts and trophies are also given during award honoring for employees or others who have completed a remarkable term in the organization. Verbal appreciation when acknowledged with a corporate gift conveys regard for professionalism and etiquette.

As an employee completes his term of service in a company, a suitable and appropriate gift must accompany his parting. It is important to regard their service along with farewell speeches.

Corporate gifts can be in numerous categories like  crystal gifts, branded watches, ties,  watches, photo frames or a collection of other gift items. For senior management personnel who are relocating, a corporate gift is perfect with a travel bag or other such travel kits that can be personalized with a message or slogan.

Desktop gift items, Coasters and also writing pads with the logo inscribed on the same is a common form of corporate gift in India. For customer gifting during promo of a product there are styles in wall clocks, sunglasses, travel bags, pouches, tote bags, gym kit bags etc. Actually much depends on the product type or event.

It should be remembered that gifts should be durable and good quality. Photo frames, mugs, ceramic ware must be top quality and wrapped with care to avoid breakage.

Corporate Gifts India

In India, Promotional gifts are common during festive occasions like Diwali, it is customary to regard corporate alliances.

Corporate gifts depend upon on the seniority level and should be chosen carefully. Gifts for formal events need to be chosen carefully. There are different styles of presenting the gift in velvet cases or interesting wrappers. Promotional T-shirts, Key chains, Mugs, Trolley bags, Caps, Awards, Trophies, Mementoe are most common in corporate gifting in India.

Business Gifts are generally placed for order in bulk quantities. This makes the manufacturing easy and hence it is easy for the supplier to strike off the deal at a lower value. Pen holders, telephone diaries, mini card holders are some of the gifting ideas which can enhance the product value by logo marking.

Often many companies go in for retail products that are accompanied by sale gimmicks. Though not generally belonging to the corporate category these items also can have lot of brand value.

Corporate gifts can also be the exclusive kind or premier gifts catering to senior management gifts, in house felicitation and also special gifts for foreign delegates visiting the company. These kind of mementoes are highly esteemed by the receiver and also speak of a formal standard.