Corporate Gifts for Diwali in India 2020

Corporate Gifts for Diwali in India 2020

Diwali is always celebrated in a very big way and this is one of the festival which is celebrated across the country in a grand and lavish way. Since ancestors this festival is told to be the festive of wealth and prosperity.

Diwali is the festival of get together and you meet and greetyour family, friends, employees, clients, partners, vendors with gifts and wishes. And when it comes to corporate gifting it has to be unique to present your style and personality. There are wide varieties of gifts available assorted dry fruit hampers, dry fruits sweets, chocolate, power bank, cold and hot flask, silver or gold coins, crockery, home and electrical appliances, back pack, gym bags, wallet, watches, passport holder, healthy snacks, beauty products, travel /gift card, decorative tea light candle holder, scented candles,earthen tea cups, organic clay bowls, aroma diffusers, handicraft, gift boxes with oil, diyas, sweets, etc. These are some of the items which are presented by the companies and all depends upon your relationship and the target audience.

Corporate gifting has become an opportunity for growing business and a gesture of care and goodwill of the company and to create a brand by getting the gift customized.

Does Corporate Gifting Plays an Important Role in today’s scenarios:Yes, it plays a huge impact for creating a brand value and appreciate the gesture of the employees, client, vendor, channel partners, etc. and Diwali is one big occasion to show your care and love towards each one of them.

  1. Dry Fruits – You can gift to any category and in any form you like assorted dry fruit sweets, dry fruits in tray or bowel, dry fruit hampers and this looks elegant to present and is enjoyed by everyone.
  2. Chocolate – Chocolate can also be assorted of branded companies or homemade which you are getting in wide varieties and people enjoy this sweets and it looks very special to gift someone whom you love.
  3. Power bank – Power bank you can get in wide varieties and different range and also can be customized as per the company branding.
  4. Cold and Hot flask – The need of every individual to carry water to school, office, outing, party, etc. This flash serves both the need of the person whether he prefers to carry cold or hot water as it is having the capability to store the water in that temperature.
  5. Silver or Gold Coins – This is gifted to precious people or clients, partners, senior employees and it adds huge value to the relationship and building a brand. This can be customized too if you are wanting to brand your company or product to create a long lasting impression as it represents style with personality.
  6. Crockery, home and electrical appliances – In this it is a huge varieties as crockery can be of glassware, ceramic, earthen the recent trend, earthen tea cups, organic clay bowls, etc. And all this can be customised as per the requirement and branding to create an impression for the employee, client, vendor, channel partners, etc.
  7. Bags – If you talk about bags there are various range and as per gender it is available like back pack, trolley bags, gym bags, wallet, etc. It is one stop solution and accordingly it can be customized. Bags can be gifted to anyone depending upon your relationship.
  8. Watches – The current trend of gifting watches is making hype in the market and this too can be customized and logo can be embossed to brand your company and to leave lasting impression to whom you are gifting. This also can be gifted to anyone and there are wide varieties available gender wise too.
  9. Passport /Visiting card holder – It is important to save guard our documents which are crucial and important. Passport or visiting card holder save guards your documents along with your credit /debit card. It is the best gift to gift someone as it will create a lasting impression with a logo printed on it to create awareness about the company.
  10. Healthy snacks – It has become very important to have healthy snacks to keep our body healthy. Healthy snacks hampers can be given to anyone whether it is employees, vendors, clients, etc. and it will create happiness as you have taken care of them by gifting them which is healthy.
  11. Beauty products – This is the current trend to gift beauty products which will take care of their body and skin. Beauty products can be anything whether it is cosmetics, face wash, body deodorant /spray, etc. and it adds a value to them. This can be gifted to anyone.
  12. Travel /Gift card – This has become the latest trend here you are gifting them with specific value and they can use it the way they want or to pass ahead to their near and dear ones. This can be customized as per company branding with logo and tagline message which will add a value and impression.
  13. Decorative Tea Light Candle Holder – Many of them use tea light candle during Diwali and then why not to gift them decorative tea light candle holder where they can burn their candles safely and enjoy the brightness. This has also become recent trend of gifting to everyone. This can be customised with a logo to create a long lasting impression on them with simple tagline of the company.
  14. Scented candles – Today’s young generation prefers to try something or other to smell good at home or office and they use scented candles which gives them soothing effect and lovely feeling. This can be gifted to anyone and you can get it into varieties of designs.
  15. Aroma diffusers – Aroma diffusers are used now days for creating an cooling environment by spreading an aroma and in the current situation people are using more of Camphor aroma diffusers to inhale and also disinfectant. This can be customized by putting company logo on the diffusers to create lasting impression and create awareness.
  16. Handicraft – Trend has come back again to gift handicraft made items to safe guard our environment and to reuse the same thing. This is one of the best way for creating a brand value of your company by getting company logo with a small message put on the gift. This can be gifted to anyone.
  17. Gift boxes with oil, diyas, sweets – This can be customised as per your requirement by what you want to put in the gift box and spread the awareness of the company. As Diwali is the festival of light and in this gift box you are gifting that all items what are required to celebrate Diwali. This can be gifted to everyone.

We can provide you customized products as per your need and requirements under one roof.We believe in providing excellent quality and service and no room for compromise with both as brand plays its important function