Top 5 New Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2017

Diwali is the occasion that calls for celebrations and gifts. The search for personal and professional gifts gets geared up and with loads of varieties in the market, selecting a gift seems to get more confusing. In case of corporate gifts, the choice is important as you want the best to impress your clientele or you may want to make your employees happy. Other than a festive occasion, it is an opportunity to create and cherish business relations. As a result, selecting the best gift for Diwali for your business professionals becomes important. We help you make this choice easy from the wide range of items.

Our range of impressive, innovate utility corporate gifts help you with your choice and your budget.

Following are the options within which you can find huge varieties:

  1. Pendrives: This is one of the accessory that is widely used by professionals. The need to transfer your data and carry it along is always there. There are numerous varieties of custom flash drives, pen drives that are attractive, light-weight and portable. These corporate gifting usb flash drives come in various makes like wood, metal and so on. They occur in various shapes like diaries, visiting cards, wrist bands and many more. You can select the storage capacity that you want and even get them customized with your brand name and logo. Worth mentioning are the OTG drives that are in trend today.
  2. Digital frames/brochures: Video is the most appealing way to stay in touch. Digital frames are one of the best gift option. This can be used in office or for personal use. An on-going digital display of your memories is one of the best gifts you can get. Digital brochures are in trend today. Hard copies of brochures are usually circulated in business circles and so are they available online. However, a digital brochure remains displayed on your office desk and is the best way of marketing. We offer a range of varieties in these items and you can also get them customized as well.
  3. Power items: No professional can do without items related to computers and laptops. There is a long list of power related items from which you can make your choice:
  • Power banks: These are of great help to charge devices like mobile, laptop, iPad and so on while you are on the go. With huge varieties in shapes, sizes, capacity and prices, you can make your choice to gift them to employees or customers.
  • Memory cards and card holders: Memory cards for mobiles and cameras have become a necessity today. SD cards, micro-cards with various storage capacities are always in demand and used commonly by all. Based on your requirement, you can select the type and specifications of the cards and they will be a great and useful gift for your customers.
  • Digital Organizer: A planner or organizer is a must for every professional. The digital organizer is easy to carry, note down the important points or the schedule that you need and save it for future. The organizer also has the provision to charge your mobile! Thus, it is a two in one item that is extremely useful.
  1. Speakers and Headphones: Portable speakers are popular among all the age groups and are also useful for professionals. They also occur in ranges of prices, shapes, brands, sizes and makes. You can gift an attractive speaker that can be used to listen music as well as attend meetings.

Headphones: Professionals working on laptops use headphones for sure. It may be just to listen to music or connect to calls and meetings on skype. Headphones therefore constitute an important gift. Moreover, they can be used for personal purpose as well. Wired and Bluetooth headphones, earphones with various interesting specifications are attractive. They are a popular gift item and you can select and customize the varieties as per your requirement.

  1. Accessory Items: If you do not want to get into digital or technology items, you can select from a wide range of useful accessory items as well. From backpacks to pouches of various types and from fidget spinners to organizers, you have endless varieties of items that you can select, customize and gift your employees and clients. These accessories can again be used for personal as well as professional use.

There are various sizes, colors, shapes and multipurpose designs that you can make your choice from. These utility items are a great idea to gift.


Other than the 5 items listed above, We offer many more items and varieties in each category. You can make your choice and contact us to purchase these attractive gifts for Diwali.


Fitness Tracker Band and Wearable devices for Healthcare

If you are proud of your latest smart phone that is enabling you to communicate, get entertained and browse the internet with ease, then it is also time to think of how you can use it as a fitness tracker towards better health and fitness. Indeed, technology has advanced to the extent of helping you access apps in various niches that integrate with your smart phone to make life easier. The fitness tracker apps for both the Android and the iOS systems are examples of how they can motivate a user to improve his or her physical activity regimen and make best use of a gadget like a smart phone.

There is no longer any doubt about the benefits of physical exercise among anybody today. The healthy endorphins released during hectic exercise have been proven to be great for the mind and body. The good news is that there is tremendous awareness among the populace today about maintaining and achieving fitness goals. The earlier excuse and refrain about not having an accurate monitoring or tracking device no longer holds good.

These wearable health technology gift ideas are designed so that you can wear them comfortably on your wrist. They display time, date and year along with other parameters. These parameters like the steps you take during a day, the distance you cover and the calories you exhaust along with heart rate are more than enough for a normal fitness conscious person to keep track of his or her physical regimen. We are importers, wholesale supplier, and dealers of activity tracker watch in India.

If you can afford more money, there are devices that also display the calories consumed and accurate sleep patterns so that you know about the quality of sleep you have been enjoying at night. There is a clear split provided about the waking time, deep sleep and light sleep hours. Since all of these details are displayed on a daily basis, you can do your own comparison and set goals with activity tracker watch.

All you need to do is integrate data on the fitness device to your smart phone through a fitness app through Bluetooth. The devices also monitor the distance you cover when running or jogging or when you are on a treadmill. Never again do you need to complain about lack of data or motivation to go out exercising. These wearable healthcare monitoring devices are more than sufficient to goad you into positive action.

If you are looking to find suitable gift fitness trackers and other wearable devices for healthcare in India, let us know.

Sports gifts and Stadium merchandise

The IPL 9 is just a couple of months away and the excitement is already building up. The current cricket season has thrown up new heroes that the spectators will love to watch during IPL. In India, the true fervor of the cricket fan is best experienced live at the stadium where a variety of sports gifts and stadium merchandise show visibility and seek attraction. So what are your plans for this year’s IPL season when you can get the opportunity to showcase your brand or logo and marketing messages across venues? If you are looking to buy sport merchandise, contact us for a wide range of Promotional and branding cricket, football, baseball, basketball, hockey merchandise in India.

There is no doubt about the tremendous eyeball catching capability of stadium merchandise. The live television cameras keep zooming a number of times during the matches to show the spectators having a great time. At times they do pick out interesting messages displayed by fans on banners or focus on specific people when they find something worth showing to the huge IPL audience across the world.

Cricket is not the only sport in India that is attracting crowds at the venue and on television screens. The Indian Hockey League is currently on and the Indian Badminton League just finished. All of these events offer opportunities for you to gift your target audience a number of items ranging from t shirts, caps, watches, team ties, face masks, sports bracelets, throwback jerseys and even actual sports gear for those active in playing a particular game.

You may also think of gifting desktop sports games to top executives. They offer a welcome relief from work tension and the recipient will fondly recall your brand each time he uses the game. Items like the Rubik’s Cube are never out of fashion. There are also tabletop games as well as those that can be played on the smart phone that will appeal to many in your target group.

Our sports legends are never forgotten. You may choose to bring out a calendar or a series of photographs of a particular legend from cricket, hockey to rekindle the admiration fans had for that legend. Such memorabilia are always in demand and garner high visibility as well. The legend along with your marketing message and brand logo will surely be remembered.

As one of the leading suppliers of sports gifts and stadium merchandise, we can help you choose from a huge variety of items and at extremely competitive rates.

Customized power bank

It has happened many a times and will continue to happen. Smart phone users will find their device giving up on them at places and at times they would have least expected. That is surely going to lead to a lot of frustration and desperate hunting for a power source to recharge and revive the dead battery. After all, are not most of us hooked to this device through the day for all our communication, entertainment and information needs? Fortunately, there is a solution and that is the power bank so that you no longer have to live with a dead smart phone when you are away and travelling to places where you will find it difficult to access a power source.

The mobile power bank has become a necessary accessory for many of us. We are using our smart phone devices to such an extent today for communication, taking images, recording videos, looking at media files and playing games that the battery juice is getting compromised more quickly than ever before. It is to be said here that the modern devices do come with much longer battery power but is still proving to be insufficient when you do not recharge on a daily basis. We are suppliers of power bank in India and deliver across the country including Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

A typical situation is that of you forgetting to recharge your device and finding out during the middle of the day that your phone is running out of battery juice. If you are able to find a charger that is compatible to your device, you are good but what if you cannot? The logo printed personalised power bank will save the day for you as you only have to access the stored power within it through a USB port and draw the power you need till you reach a direct source of power.

Just ensure that you set out of your house having charged the power bank to its fullest and you are good to go. If you use the power bank during the day, come back and recharge it to its capacity so that you always have a source from which you can draw power at any time and at any place.

A customized power bank makes for a great gift as everybody knows about its utility. Your brand or logo will get its due visibility each time the power bank is used. Call us to find out more about these gadgets and for bulk order requirements of customized power bank in India.

Smart Watches in India – Technology gadgets are the in thing

If you are on the lookout for the next shiny object in the smart phone space, then you cannot go wrong with smart watches. Though they are not totally new, having been introduced a couple of years back, they are gaining popularity as more and more people become aware of their benefits and features. Earlier they were also quite unaffordable with very few manufacturers coming out with models that appeared bulky and visually not very appealing. Most of the models also were made primarily to suit the male wrist. We have a range of latest, new smart watches in India below 5000 and these are one of the best and they also come with a warranty !

However, today you have a variety of models for both men and women that bear attention. The prices have also come down significantly and you have a better range to choose from. The features have been enhanced and they are perceived to be worthy accessories to the smart phone more than ever before.

Essentially, smart watches are watches that function as miniature smart phones as well. With many users opting for bigger display screens and juicier batteries, the sizes and weight of smart phones are becoming a tad difficult to manage. Not everybody wants one of his hands occupied holding the smart phone and having to attend to it each time there is a notification. Many of the notifications may not require immediate attention and can be a disturbance. We are smart watch manufacturers in India offering bulk discounts in wholesale prices. Get in touch with our contact details & address

The user of a smart watch can now opt to quickly glance at his watch to check out the notifications and decide his or her response. There is no need to physically look at the smart phone. This device assumes importance especially when driving, when you are at a meeting or at a social function. All you have to do to keep in touch with your notifications is just look at your watch. It also enables you to control your music listening experience.

Another important reason for its growing popularity is the saving of the battery juice on your smart phone. This device obviates the need for you to access your smart phone each time, saving you effort and battery life. It also functions as a fitness tracker as it would display information on your physical activity during the day like the distance you have covered, steps taken, calories burnt and your heart rate. Get to know your sleep pattern as well through this device and see the data displayed on your smart phone through Bluetooth integration using a fitness app.

Video brochure and LCD e writers

It is the digital age and it is no wonder that marketers are coming out with unique concepts to drive home their messages riding the digital wave.  As video brochure manufacturer in India, we offer the best prices. The video brochure is one such introduction that is very interesting and visually impressive. Many marketers are finding favor with this device and slowly phasing out marketing through pamphlets, banners, flyers and the like. They are now communicating with their target audience through this audio visual medium more and more. New product launches, delivering information about an upcoming marketing promotion are all being done through the video brochure.

This device features an LCD screen with speakers and memory storage. You record the message you wish to, along with any pictures and that is all. Just pack and send to your target segment and you will find that they receive such communication very positively. They are lesser likely to junk it like they do to most other direct marketing material. You retain the flexibility of adding  and deleting what you have created at any time as well.

Talking of LCD, another device is the LCD ewriter that is also making waves. If you are looking for the most natural writing experience without using pen or paper, turn to these devices. Just write what you want to on to the LCD screen and throw away all the scratch pads, sticky notes and other paper you are so used to all these years.

The images you have created on these devices will stay till you erase and create new ones. It is suitable for use for all ages. The battery life lasts for as long as 50,000 erases, which covers the life of the product and you will not require any replacement. Take care though to see that you use the prescribed stylus for writing on the screen and do not use it outdoors. You should also know that you cannot erase specific portions of text or images as upon pressing the erase button, the entire screen will get erased.

One good feature is that you will not end up accidentally pressing the eraser button since the stylus holder is positioned above the eraser itself. This device is compatible with any OS that is able to recognize the USB storage device. You can also connect via Bluetooth to your computer.

If you are interested for bulk prices ordering both of the above items, call us.

Power banks are utility gifts items for clients and customers

When it comes to gift items, you need to ensure that they are nifty, useful and durable. They also need to be trendy, more so when it is a question of gift items for corporate executives. In this regard, the power bank corporate gift emerges a clear winner among other gifts, as it satisfies the qualities or attributes mentioned above of a perfect gift.

Corporate giveaways are items that you present to your customers, business associates, partners and others who have helped you succeed in your endeavor. These gifts are not only tokens of gratitude but also serve to foster brand loyalty and long term engagement. That is one of the prime reasons for many of the tried and tested corporate gifts like pen drives, key chains, coffee mugs, t shirts, umbrellas to name a few, remaining popular for such a long time.

However, looking at the typical gadgets and accessories carried or used by corporate executives, you cannot go wrong gifting a power bank. That is because, whether it is the smart phone or the iPad or the laptop, all of them require power at all times to run them. It is very likely and happens more often than not that the executive forgets to fully charge these devices and finds them running out on him at places where he or she may struggle to find a direct power source or alternate means to recharge the device.

It is during these times that the promotional power bank chargers and portable chargers in India emerges as the proverbial savior and helps the executive carry on using his device without interruption. The power bank is a device that holds power within it and can be used by connecting it through the USB port to the device that requires recharging of its battery. The power within the external portable charger is thus withdrawn to immediately power up the device requiring charge. All that the user has to ensure is go out making sure that the power bank has sufficient charge within it.

You can see how useful such a device would be for the corporate world. The executives are busy travelling and with this portable and nifty device with them, they do not have to fear any battery discharge of the devices they are using. These company branded power bank with logo printing come in various handy shapes and sizes at low prices in bulk.

Call us for your requirements of branded portable phone charger in India for corporate giveaway purposes.







custom card power bank india

corporate gifts ideas for Diwali 2015 India

Corporate gifts ideas for Diwali 2015 in India

The festive season of bonding and rejoicing is made more special with exclusive gifts. Utility is one major need when you are thinking of gifting your loved one a very special gift. While it is easy for you to check out the gadgets it is certainly important to know the pricing as well as the specifications, so that you can make the apt choice. We offer a wide range of gifting options which are of bespoke quality and also at a reasonable price. As we are trading and supplying gifts to leading corporate offices, we certainly have a long standing repute which adds to our merit.

card power bankThe best in gifts in the corporate category are card power bank which is an organized accessory for your official needs. No more unruly cards stuffed but a neat and structured layout in amazing colors and durable exterior. The most popular trend in gifts is about power banks. They are full of utility extending the facility of charging your phone when you are travelling. Available in sleek, smart makes and bold colors, this is a popular gift. Adding more ease for usage is the speaker mobile stand. This enables the user to speak comfortably and is a sure way to multi task amidst a business deal.

The comfort quotient via a gadget adds a sense of luxury and contributes in having a better life. Power banks of the solar variety are also available in various brands that are available in good packaging and the quality is assured. The lithium make is waterproof, enabling the user to brave the tough monsoon weather and it is very much portable. The macho style of the robust car charger and laptop charger is one great boon of technology. Smart and easy to store in your car, this is a multipurpose item that is always a sign of comfort.

Bluetooth Speakers gramophoneBluetooth Speakers are trendy too, especially when they give you an optimum output and sleek design. There are special new hues in the same and that contributes to the festive atmosphere. The smart waterproof speakers are the ones that are very popular. The little man is one great gadget with 4 ports usb facility that is small, convenient and works best when you are travelling. The quality is good and also very trendy. The best about Bluetooth devices is that they come to your aid when you want several things at the same time. Moreover, they add to your safety. The smart and stylish gramophone Bluetooth is almost like a piece of coveted art. Surely amazing in performance, this is a superb way to decorate your desk culture when you at your workstation or travelling for business.
Portable Bluetooth Speakers : Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops can be seen in almost every hand now but the sad part about them is however expensive or branded don’t have a worthy sound quality. Don’t be upset now your ears can experience an audio treat with spectacular Portable Bluetooth Speakers. These are powerful, rugged and stylish which work with nearly all smartphones and tablets as well as all iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch models and even laptops or some desktops because of integrated Bluetooth feature. They are latest advancements on the wireless country and one of the best things about Bluetooth Speakers is its portability. Portable Bluetooth Speakers are best for camping voyage, or spending a little extra time with friends while out for a picnic when you can’t carry around your entire sound system. As they don’t require any installation and one can start listening music around minutes. Any Portable Bluetooth Speaker today just needs to have 3 main aspects to meet users demand i.e. great sound quality, aestatically designed and simple to use. So, get ready to make your small get together’s dynamic with these Portable Bluetooth Speakers. As these are power-packed with high density sound look small but kick-out loud and clear audio than a speaker double its size!


selfie sticks with logo india Selfie sticks and gadgets like universal lens are a big hit this season. With more innovative ideas that are creative, useful and manageable the best in selfie items are the S gadgets, Li-on selfie pack and also the S bag with a dual utility. They are easy to carry around and perfect when you need to capture an image of your team or a scenic view around you. Do call on us or visit our corporate gift store for more information and wholesale offers. We have the best collection of promotional and customized gifts  🙂

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth has become a synonym for wireless technology nowadays. With Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets, you can connect numerous devices through a wireless mode. Bluetooth speakers is one such accessory that has gained popularity. You can gift Bluetooth speakers as a corporate or as an individual gift.


Bluetooth speaker is a wireless speaker that can be configured to your smartphone or your tablet and put on your headphones and enjoy music in or out of office. You can even use it for professional meetings if they are to be attended on speaker phones.

Some varieties of Bluetooth speakers also have the facility to deliver music through the Micro-SD card. In such cases you do not need to even configure your cell phone or tablet. Since Bluetooth is independent of brand compatibility, the speakers can be used with any brand of cell phone that has an option of Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth speakers are available in the market from basic to high end models. The high-end models enable the user with various listening and operating options. The speakers are an ideal gift for those who are music lovers and those who prefer or need to attend calls on speakers. The speakers are handy and portable and can be carried anywhere with ease. You can select the speakers as a gift after you study the specification, features and pricing offered by various brands. You need to check the distance for the connectivity range. Bluetooth speakers can be purchased from wholesale dealers of Wireless Speakers in India. You can also search the market of Bluetooth Speaker for wholesale in Mumbai.

We are importers and dealers of Bluetooth speakers India. You can call us for wholesale prices of Bluetooth speakers offered in India. We also offer custom and promotional blue tooth wireless speakers at wholesale rates in India.

Power Bank for Mobiles

Power banks for mobiles can be considered to be one of the best ideas of corporate gifts. It is an items that is useful for the executive class. You can also opt for power bank as an individual gift. If you dear one is someone who needs to travel frequently or is required to attend continuous phone calls, then power bank is an ideal gift.


Power bank is a portable charger which is extremely handy and can be used to charge a mobile even in the car. You can carry the power bank in your purse or your handbag too. Nowadays most of the business class uses Blackberry, iPhones or other smartphones, and they need to be on professional calls and chats most of the time. As a result the draining of battery at the wrong time can cause inconvenience.

A power bank is extremely useful on such occasions where a person can charge the phone and get back to business.

A Power bank needs to be selected based on the specifications of the battery and charger specifications of the cell phone. If you are selecting it as a  gift, you can select the appropriate one if you know the brand of the cell phone that the person uses. Some power banks are versatile and can be used for charging tablets and digital cameras as well.

There are several varieties in power banks and the latest ones are slim and trendy. You can customize the power bank by getting the logo of your company or the list of your services engraved on it. You can gift these to your clients and it will help you as a promotion strategy.

Call us for a catalog of power bank displaying the wholesale prices in India. We are suppliers and dealers for bulk portable chargers in India. We provide latest portable chargers for smartphones, tablets, iPhones and other products. You can contact us to inquire about wholesale portable chargers rates in Mumbai.

Credit Card Pen Drives

Credit Card Pen DrivesCredit card pen drives, also known as business card pen drives or visiting card pen drives are one of the popular items in the list of corporate gifts. They have an appearance similar to credit or business  cards but have the functionality similar to pen drives. While you can use the pen drive for copying and transferring data, you can use the card for corporate branding. They suit the need of individuals as well as those of companies. You can display the logo, contact details, product images and much more on the cards.



The credit card pen drives exhibit an executive style and are a perfect gift for business professionals to enhance their client and customer interaction. Though the drives are offered in various packing options like plastic, paper and even leather, you can opt to carry them comfortably in your wallet as well.You can get different types of artwork printed or embossed on both the sides of the card and can even opt for non erasable data on the pen drive to ensure the safety of your data. Different varieties of credit card pen drives have their own specifications. The generic specification details of the drives is listed as below:

Capacity: It ranges from 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G to 16GB

Data Transfer Rate: Varies in different varieties and is different for read and write

Interface: Usually USB 1.1 or 2.0 or 3.0

OS: Varies with the brand

Branding options for card:

Printing: Screen/Full color/4 color/Laser/Foil Stamp/Hot Stamp

Others: Dome Imprint/Etching/Embossing

We are dealers of credit card pen drives in India. You can contact us for a range of varieties of credit card pen drives. We deal with the wholesale supply and distribution of credit card pen drives and USB drives in Mumbai.

You can thus use or gift these card pen drives that serve the purpose of data storage as well as promotion.