Budget Corporate Gifts

Economical gifts lower your pricing for an event. For start up business or a new business it is
good to keep the expenses low. This is facilitated with badges, writing instruments, sets of pens,
caps, T shirts as well as mugs. Other utility items can be bottle openers, mouse pads, pen holders
and a digital clock. Towels and hand cloths for travel are also good gifts and the utility is high

Low cost gifts like photo frames, pens, colored pens, torch, bottles in plastic or aluminum also
serve the purpose of utility. It is great to note that the cost of wholesale orders will also lower
your price. Ceramic vase, coffee mugs, desktop accessory items, pocket diaries also seem to be
good gifts. Desktop flower vases, perfumes as well as a deodorizer for office rooms also make
excellent gifts. Confectionery and chocolates are great gifts too and the presentation can be
enhanced with packaging.