Handicraft Gifts for Foreign Delegates Coming to India

Foreigners always appreciate sophisticated and ethnic gifts. India, known for its hospitality has the best gifts to offer to foreign delegates.

These gifts meant as keepsakes or special mementos will always remind them about the traditional aspect of India. Durable, stylish and suave, the best is seen in cloth bags, which are painted. Other gifts can also be the regular pouches, handicraft sling bags or money purses.



More gifts in handicraft items are seen in the following:

  • Wall hangings.
  • Pillow covers in fabric paints.
  • Earthen ware or pottery works
  • Meenakari works on pens, jewelry boxes and show case decorative pieces.
  • Stylish works of art as paintings in rich canvas and textures.
  • Lamps and diyas
  • Photo frames in carved wood.








Gifts are also seen in cloth folders, designer wooden artifacts and also ethnic styles in urns and vases. Paper and clay crafts are also special.

The rich styles in tribal art is seen in tribal jewelry that is certainly impressive. Brass idols, silver bowls as well as colored cut glass in the painted kind is also great.

Regular and simple gifts are also seen as candle holders, incense holders as well as authentic regional art in wood, metal and glass. Figurines in artwork are also a superb idea.

Mementos and souvenirs

Initiating cordial relations within the organization through acknowledgements and awards is certainly a great way to bond. The importance of mementos and corporate souvenirs is certainly felt when there is a gathering or an occasion.

The mementos can be engraved with laser or diamond engraving and is certainly appreciated as a corporate gift. Perfect for a seminar or even a conference, the felicitation via mementos is certainly a delight for all. Momentos under rs 50 can include customized pocket diaries, acrylic key chains or more classy commemorative gifts / Jubilee souvenirs such as bottons,  medals, hats, towels etc.

 Brassware corporate mementos : can be captured in various sculptures and brass ware. These make best corporate gifts and also hold value as they can be used for a long time. Brass cleaning technique is easy and there are many agents that can be utilized to retain the shine. Various statues of Indian gods like the dancing Ganesha, Natraj or Vishnu with his majestic arms make great gifting ideas in the corporate scene. Modern art is also done in brass ware where the figures of humans or animals are depicted in an artistic way.

Other corporate gifts in brass also include medals or the trophies which serve the purpose of awards during felicitation ceremonies. The logo or the company’s name can be featured in the case-cover as well as the brass item. Years of completion of the company or the award structure can be described on the brassware with the specification provided to the supplier. Usually the suppliers will provide you a catalogue to choose the product and bulk orders will beget discounts.


Creative ideas are always appreciated while gifting. Gift ideas for your team or even your
business partners are easily done with the best presentation ideas in mementos. Sets of wax
candles, aromatic dry flowers in the exotic kind, crystal sets in the branded variety and figurines
in wood or wax can be used as mementos. Cufflinks and even wrist watches for men are
excellent gifts as mementos.

To celebrate a very special occasion, one can also include wrist watches engraved with the feat.
Another idea can be silver biscuits or coins. Small trophies in acrylic or placards are also great.
Handicraft items are a great memento especially for foreign delegates and can be seen in sets
of wooden jewelry, desktop items and also bags. Jute bags with engraved logos and kits for a
particular sport are always appreciated as useful gifts bringing more understanding and team
effort in all your ventures.