Gizmos and Geek Gifts – Electronic and Gadget Corporate Gifts

Gadgets, gizmos for Geeks !

Gifts that are appealing are the ones that have a lot of efficacy as well as style. The gifts related to technology are always appreciated by a receiver. It is great to include new styles in gizmos that are available in the latest versions. While you understand the respect and integrity behind gifting, it is very essential to know that gifts are also to be presented in a proper manner.


 LED Book Light – LED Reading Lamp


 1.8″ LCD Mini Music Stereo Speaker with SD/MMC/USB Card Reader, FM radio and Remote Control
 Play station



For profiled events, it is perfectly fine to include gifts like mobiles and Androids that suits the needs of executives, sales personnel as well as senior people in the management. Geeky and a necessity with changing times, there are more variations in USB cords, pen drives as well as memory disks for storing data.

Utility techno gifts for techno savvy individuals:

  • Disks come in cute packs as per memory storage capacity like hard drives and chips for storing photographs.
  • New styles in pen drives are geeky, stylish as well as very peppy, depending on the tone and decorum of the executives.
  • Gadgets also include new age torches, lights and laser detectors as well as cctv cameras.
  • Joysticks as well as I phone stands are also exclusive gifts.

Conference Kits, Folders and Bags for Tradeshow conferences, Corporate Events and Dealers Meets gifting

Designer styles in conference bags and kits are now in vogue. Adding a professional touch, the best designs are available in satchels, messenger bags and also pouches in the branded forms of leather. Unique appeal is granted with best details like buckles, Velcro finishing and slings. The handles are durable and offer a perfect make in quality and style.

Engraving the bags with a seal in metal or logo is just easy now with new technology that assures aesthetics and formal ideas to promote a product or service. The supreme quality in the goods manufactured is surely a delight to present it to esteemed corporate clients.

There are unique ideas in colors, details and utility for conference bags, folders and kits :

  • Kits seem great for a conference and they are possible in the cloth covers that are formal and eco-friendly.
  • The best bags are the ones that are spacious with enough room and appeal to suit the needs of the officials.
  • New folders for seminars and conferences are available in plastics as well as ethnic blend of items in jute as well as cloth.
  • Zipper aided conference bags akin to a folder are also available and this assures utility with good quality standards.
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handicraft conference folders







Jute Conference folders










Elephant in marble with 22 caret gold work – excellent gifts for foreign delegates visiting India.

Digital Clocks

Digital Clocks come in several shapes, designs, sizes and budgets.

Quality is an important check before choosing a digital clock as a corporate gift. Most clocks are imported and may come with a warranty.


 Digital clock with pen stand  water clock


 talking clock  world clock


 rainbow clock  projector clock 








Coasters come in unique shapes, colors and sizes. Right from designer coasters to traditional styles, wooden coasters are ideal corporate gifts for several occasions. Promotional products like coasters are always an easy option when you want to build awareness about a product. It is easy to find coasters in wood, plastics as well as glass. Having a stylish set of coasters on a table is certainly a good idea and several options are available in new styles for coasters to brand your product.

Personalized products are very much in vogue and you can personalize the coasters for your office employees. These make excellent ideas as accessories for your desktop. Amazing sizes and colors are found in coasters that are specially designed to market products and provide utility to users.


Photo Frames

Gifting is so easy with simple and useful items. Frames are a common gift for casual as well formal occasions. Framing the photograph of a precious moment or a loved one is so important for all of us. The best affordable gifts are the ones in wooden or metal frames that are simple and budgeted.

Rustic frames for walls are also available with the archaic tones in wooden art, which is really exclusive. Painted eco-friendly frames for photographs are also a modern trend. Artistic silver or gold trimmed photo frames are also available online. Simple packaging and presentation makes the occasion more memorable.

Utility gifts

Interesting corporate gift ideas are about utility as well as presentation. It is great to find affordable gifts as bottles, mugs, T-shirts and several utility items for home. Unique gifts for households like a set of kitchen knives, bowls in glass as well drinking glasses seem perfect for any occasion.

For a robust idea, the best brands in Swiss knives, trekking items, torch and cameras seem good. Gifts with utility will always be appreciated and you can pack it in a marvelous way to present it with style.  Gents Utility gift products and ladies utility gift products should be durable in quality. Other useful gifts include pen drives, memory storage cards, padfolios and card holders.

Other gifts in this category could include New Year Diaries , Organisers, Calendars etc.











Office utility gifts, products






LED Book Light







Clip Dispenser











Cordless ELECTRIC TEA Kettle








Ceramic Corporate Gift Ideas

Ceramics come in an array of gifting ideas. The range goes from affordable to classic premium items. The corporate gift vendors usually suggest new additions that come into the market from time to time. Ceramic items can be the kitchen regulars like tea sets, side dishes or exclusive pots which allow high heating capacity. The ceramic showpieces are also pieces of art work depicting abstract as well as miniatures of famous monuments in the world.

Corporate gifts are generally decided as per the annual budget of the company. The senior management also species the timeliness and logo imprint of the corporate gift items. The wrapping has to be careful and shipment also to be dealt with special care. Mini vases, trays and ceramic cases make wonderful gifts to internal management celebration. The ceramic colors can be chosen in blue pottery, green pottery and other ceramic displays with coloring effects.

Exclusive ceramic manufacturers could also be contacted for special bulk orders for standardized category like Diwali diyas or candle holders. This ensures personalization and apt gifting as per the festival requirement. Ceramic ware can also be done in bone china for premium kind of gifting that is done with senior management personnel. The gift says a lot about the company’s image and wrapping can have a corporate arrangement on it.

Sports Corporate Gifts



Corporate gifting is a unique blend of formality and yet remarked with appreciation that comes straight from the heart. Corporate goals are about team spirit and integrity that is well brought out by seamless interaction among the line management that is applied to all branches of the organization.The corporate gifts suppliers understand the event and budget and will visit your administration depart and also customize the gifts accordingly.

The logo can be inscribed well on the tennis ball or the badminton racket. Squash rackets can have a similar branding. Simple gifts can also come as cricket balls, swimming goggles and track shirts. Impressive gifts can also be seen in rugby attire or trekking pants. Jersey sports wear is a very common and yet useful type of gifting.










corporate golf gifts :  A Special occasion corporate gifts includes premium items which are attached with a price tag. This can be extended to premium clients, associates or senior management category. There are several occasions that are unique like years of completion of the branch, relocating of a personnel or commendable performance by a team. This needs to be recognized by the management. A recent collaboration that was profitable also holds an occasion to celebrate and this also calls for corporate gifting.  Golf kits are a general kind of corporate gifting.

Many corporate houses are pro-employee and hence insist on all round program for the employee to excel in his growth. There are in house gyms, holiday homes and other privileged benefits which are also form of perks or recognition of the service put in by the executive. The golf kit bag is an exclusive gift in corporate brand which can have the name of the company or a particular product. A casual launch of a product can also be set along with a golf game. The golf jeep, bag and stick can have the logo and the name of the product. There are several manufactures of golf bags and balls who are willing to customize the product as per your specification.

Kitchen Appliance Corporate Gifts

Great bulk offers with leading companies will beget discounted items with good quality for corporate houses. Gifting is an important inclusion of valuing patronage and corporate gift dealers are aware of the trends set in corporate gifts.

Kitchen appliances can also start with crockery sets or storage jars that come in dependable protective covers. Quality items in electrical kitchen appliances can also be looked into. Kitchen appliances gifting can be done during Diwali or Xmas which is an usual season to gift employees or associates.

Other kitchen appliances can be the ever useful Roti maker, idli mold or the wonderful shapes in ice trays that is available in the market. The demonstration of the use of the item can be arranged in the company’s lobby for all the employees to make the most of the gift.










Fruit & Vegetable Juicer









3 In 1 Peeler









Fruit basket












Cordless TEA Kettle

Corporate Gift Baskets

There are several online companies that specialize in corporate products. The corporate gift has to conform to the needs of quality and also represent the category of the recipient. In case the corporate product has to be exclusive then a few stocks can be arranged for.

Folding basket










The vendor has to understand the importance of quality, timeliness and also be precise about the delivery status. Event management companies also arrange or suggest corporate gift ideas which are generally coinciding with the launch of a product or a new line in the market. Corporate gift baskets resembling the ice box can be perfect for Xmas gifting and hold a box of chocolates or premium brand of confectioners.

Vintage baskets can also be chosen with huge locks resembling the Victorian era. Magazine baskets can also be looked upon with multipurpose after the contents are utilized.

Leather Corporate Gifts

Regular corporate tokens like caps, key chains, dairies, leather pen drives, or mobile covers are a good idea. This can also be done in bulk in case of promotional campaigns. Orders in bulk quantity are easy on the budget and also handy when one wants to do an impromptu gifting.

Leather gifts of corporate nature are dependable variety. There are several pouches, mementoes, photo frames and also simple satchels that come in leather variety.There are durable standards in lap top bags or other pouches that are like travel kits. Mini purses are again easy for storing. Imprinting the logo or the company’s name on the gift is very important. Leather cases for keeping passports and visa is useful for the senior management corporate gift.


Leather cases for purses, mobiles and also stationery covers are also very common in leather corporate gifts. Online shops are also ready to show case their products and an appointment can be fixed for viewing and negotiating a deal. Certain companies also agree to tailor make the items as per specification of the client.

Candles, Candle holders, Led candles

The candle holders are the best gift and they are inexpensive too. Suited for a casual style of gifting they come in wood, metal and with a silver coating too. Some candle stands come in the archaic styles that is also popular now.

Wrought iron candle holders are also a special gift and a set three with a proper packaging would certainly be great. Special silver or amalgamated candle stands are also a special part of gifting.