Card Holders

The range and styles in card holders are amazing to suit corporate clients. Certain card holders also suit the profiles of senior people. Shaped as boxes, leather cases or also as a folder, the new styles in textured card holders are amazing and it suits the style with compactness and finesse.

Metal cases are also perfect for traveling and can be a part of the portfolio arrangement. Professional and inclusive of a pen case, these are perfect gifts for corporate decorating.




visiting card holder










crystal card holder with clock and pen stand


Mementos and souvenirs

Initiating cordial relations within the organization through acknowledgements and awards is certainly a great way to bond. The importance of mementos and corporate souvenirs is certainly felt when there is a gathering or an occasion.

The mementos can be engraved with laser or diamond engraving and is certainly appreciated as a corporate gift. Perfect for a seminar or even a conference, the felicitation via mementos is certainly a delight for all. Momentos under rs 50 can include customized pocket diaries, acrylic key chains or more classy commemorative gifts / Jubilee souvenirs such as bottons,  medals, hats, towels etc.

 Brassware corporate mementos : can be captured in various sculptures and brass ware. These make best corporate gifts and also hold value as they can be used for a long time. Brass cleaning technique is easy and there are many agents that can be utilized to retain the shine. Various statues of Indian gods like the dancing Ganesha, Natraj or Vishnu with his majestic arms make great gifting ideas in the corporate scene. Modern art is also done in brass ware where the figures of humans or animals are depicted in an artistic way.

Other corporate gifts in brass also include medals or the trophies which serve the purpose of awards during felicitation ceremonies. The logo or the company’s name can be featured in the case-cover as well as the brass item. Years of completion of the company or the award structure can be described on the brassware with the specification provided to the supplier. Usually the suppliers will provide you a catalogue to choose the product and bulk orders will beget discounts.

Desktop Miniature Clocks

Gifting corporate items is delightful! There are interesting sizes and ranges in desktop items that includes the miniature clocks. Shaped on a vase, bottle or even a mobile holder they make excellent gifts in the durable variety.

Arranging new colors and shapes in the same is also easy as you place an order for customized clocks that carry a message or contain a brand name. Clocks with stationery holders are also a novel idea.



































































Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

It is quite common for corporate to include new ideas in gifts which are eco friendly. They are usable and also friendly with nature. The best part about gifting conveys a message of respect and regard. Suitable gifts must always be a priority. There are several gifts in the eco-friendly range that can be procured in bulk to suit your promotional needs. The top quality products in this variety come in a array of designs and style that will greatly suit your need.

Eco friendly gifts include the best in following items :

  • Key chains, eco-friendly pen drives
  • Jute bags and pouches
  • Cloth variety folders
  • Phone holders
  • Wooden cases as card holders
  • Eco friendly photo frames
  • Recycled Paper sets
  • Stationery as travel pack

Whether it is keychains or cases for pen drives, the eco friendly variety is an excellent gift item. There are jute as well as cloth bags and folders too. Several jute pouches for mobiles and wood mobile holders are made of recyclable wood. Photo frames in wood are great too. It is excellent to gift sets in stationery, padfolios as well as recycled note pads that makes your travel plan very easy.






Dried flowers : Gifts in dried flowers come in beautiful cases that protect the flowers from external influence thereby giving it more longetivity. The dried flower case can come in beautiful cases in glass or silver ware as per the budget of the company. Roses of various varieties come in dried flowers along with pine, cones or other grasses that can be captured in dried concept. Pendants are also encased with dry flowers to make unique accessories.

Organic and dried flowers can be found as an exclusive way of gifting along with a bottle of essential flowers or fragrant candles. This is an unique gift and hence will be a wonderful way to initiate in the corporate gift section. Buds, petals and sticks can also be assorted to influence aesthetic sense in the receiver.


Conference giveaways – Corporate gifts for Conferences, Events and Promotions

For a conference, the giveaways have to be ideal. This can be ensured with mouse pads, pens,
pencil sets, pen holders and desktop items. Office items like file holders, desktop alarm clocks,
digital clocks as well as folders are unique gifts. For special gifts there can be photo frames,
utility items with respect to the theme, bags, laptop handle bags as well as an Eco friendly
collection of bags.
ECO FRIENDLY JUTE PRODUCTS and GIFT ITEMS, eco-friendly Conference folders, jute bags etc

 Jute Conference folders :















Conference folders ( plastic ) :



CARD PEN DRIVES business card / credit card shaped USB drivePen drive / USB flash drives are excellent new age Corporate gifts for Conferences, Events and Promotions. Pen drives can be branded with company logo and preloaded with your marketing material.






Desktop gift items and stationary items






Pen With Multi Functions



 Pen With Magnetic Stand  50 Years Calendar Key chain



Sports Water Bottle


Water Bottle – Sipper Steel Bottle


sipper bottles













Mouse pad with calculator












Desk stick Stand with Ball Pen



Almost every client, customer or employee appreciates a gift. Exhibition Gifts / Product launch gifts– A pen drive is a good tool to distribute marketing literature, and incentive for people to visit your stand. Press Releases – Using a pen drive to distribute the press release and receivers will appreciate this utility gift. – you can save a presentation and spec sheet of your new product to inside each USB flash drive.

Conference Giveaways can also include planners, handy car accessories, sun shades and
caps. The giveaways have to be apt as per the occasion and they are also seen with miniature
representations of globes and other such utility items. Metal plated photo frames, key chains as
well as mini planners are great gifts for a seminar too. Pocket sized calculators with engraved
logs make great mementos too. Stylish giveaways are the large coffee mugs and thermo mugs
that is suited for executive cubicle use.

corporate thank you gifts – Expressing Thank you should be a sincere effort. This could be done for various reasons or events. Conference thank you gifts with a cover letter are apt.

Gifts for employees: There could be an exemplary feat done by an employee which requires a special type of gifting. Though this does not fall in the corporate event structure saying Thank you to the employee who has contributed to the organization with excellent performance or cost cutting techniques can be awarded with unusual corporate gifts. Gifts can be in the form of mementoes like time pieces, wrist watches, gold coins or porcelain gift articles.

Pharmaceutical giveaways



It is good to explore creative gifts that have the utility factor. Presenting gifts to doctors and people related in the medical fraternity is now interesting. First aid boxes, soft toys for pediatricians, height charts, digital weighing machines and ENT sets are some of the gifts
that can be used.

For doctors who are always on the move, a handy set of prescription pads, notebooks as well as a clinical set in a bag would be the most ideal gift. Tissues, cottons swabs and medicated gauze sets are great packs too.

The innovative gifts can also be packaged well with a medical bag or a even a tote resembling
a formal color in black or gray. The doctor’s bag in the conventional style is also feasible. It is
smart and easy going. Other gifts can be the usual pads, pens, highlighters, mouse pads and trays
for disposable needles. Pen holders with a message are also great gifts.


Doctor In Out









  acrylic paper weight









elephant slip holder











Dice paper weight


























Apple friut pick cleaner








































Non woven bags, jute bags

The best in non woven bags is also getting very famous as modern gifts in the corporate world. Gifts emphasize the need for bonding and it is a token of appreciation of the efforts. Excellent promotional gifts are also seen with jute bags. With more people supporting the cause of ecology, the non woven variety is getting popular.

Admirable styles in jute are seen as small bags, grocery bags, satchels and also ladies bags. Along with wooden handles and shoulder bags, the colors in mauve, lilac, green and orange are astonishing.

The logo can be engraved or hand painted and this brings out the color well. Small pouches, foldable bags in non woven variety, sling bags and also travel related compact bags are surely seen in a wide range of fluorescent colors and regular black and white shades.

Stitched along with compartments for bottles and other pockets for regular items, the colors in the bags are
amazing and adds a new style to gifting.

The vast range includes Jute shopping bags, Jute promotional bags, Jute tote bags, designer jute bags etc



Eco friendly Promotional Jute bags and accessories

Laptop bags, backpacks

Available in gray, black, carbon and also as flamboyant colors in backpacks, the laptop bags are surely a great gift for any occasion. Most of the bags have compartments and if you need to customize some features to accommodate a planner or a diary, you may do so.

The best in backpacks are also available for your executives with the top loader facility that is easy to use while traveling.

The special laptop bags for ladies also have a small vanity case which is such an important inclusion. An overnight backpack cum messenger bag is another great utility you can have with a good color and design.



Blended with a glossy finish or a mat design the best in laptop bags are surely there for your particular style and fashion. Bags with wheels in the tote variety are exciting too. Business bags too along with extra compartments are available as laptop bags.


Trophies in metal as well as wood are widely accepted in the corporate circle. Engraved with a message or a citing, trophies and medals are surely a great way to enhance the team’s effort or recognize the effort of your support staff. Customizing the trophies can easily be done with engraving and sizes too can be arranged for. Trophies combined with a desktop item or a clock is also popular as corporate gifts. New styles are also seen in crystal trophies that can be used as a desktop item.

Laminated and gold trimmed certificates on glass are also getting more famous. It is wonderful to greet your staff into a new office with trophies and recognition certificates for their past year’s performance. For grand functions, workshops as well as seminars, the best in acrylic styles of trophies along with logo is now available in various sizes. Ordering a trophy online is also an easy option.



Awards, certificates, Plaques, medals, and Trophies come in unique shapes and sizes.

crystal trophy, acrylic trophy,  wooden trophy,   copper trophy,   golden trophy  etc




































































Creative ideas are always appreciated while gifting. Gift ideas for your team or even your
business partners are easily done with the best presentation ideas in mementos. Sets of wax
candles, aromatic dry flowers in the exotic kind, crystal sets in the branded variety and figurines
in wood or wax can be used as mementos. Cufflinks and even wrist watches for men are
excellent gifts as mementos.

To celebrate a very special occasion, one can also include wrist watches engraved with the feat.
Another idea can be silver biscuits or coins. Small trophies in acrylic or placards are also great.
Handicraft items are a great memento especially for foreign delegates and can be seen in sets
of wooden jewelry, desktop items and also bags. Jute bags with engraved logos and kits for a
particular sport are always appreciated as useful gifts bringing more understanding and team
effort in all your ventures.

Desktop Gifts

A whole range of desktop gift items is available to you in economical as well as branded variety. This includes smart table top calendars, alarm clocks and planners. Having an uncluttered desk is certainly a need to maintain a corporate decorum. It is great to find the best gifts for your desktop needs that are elite and serve the standards of your company.

Desktop articles also include diaries in the best imported covers and the jacketed styles in planners.































Visiting Card Holder/Desktop Clock/Pen Holder


3 in 1 Crystal Desktop gift








Pendulum Crystal clock







3 in 1Crystal Desk clock




Smart pen holders and exclusive styles in coffee mugs and coasters are also a welcome idea. If you are looking for something special you can also include a USB flash drive with a compact cases. Handcrafted wooden items like pen holders and mobile holders are great too. Stress balls, photo frames and also exclusive pens are good as desktop gifts.Paperweights in crystal and varying shapes are also attractive desktop items. Personalized mugs too are a common choice.




Having a gift idea like a pen is perhaps the easiest way to add the executive touch in corporate gifting. It is surely an item of utility and suited for a press conference, seminar and also for a launch program. Promotional gifts for a new product or a variation is easily communicated with simple gifting ideas and that surely includes pens. If you are looking for branded pens, that can be arranged in a wide range of colors and styles.

Stylish pens in gold and silver are also available for a special executive gifting. If you are looking for dependable writing instruments, you can look for simple pens which are long lasting and very light. A set of pens in a smart case is also a wonderful gift for you to cherish. The handmade variety in pens are also suited as a corporate gift. Amazing shapes in pens are seen as casual gifts.

Branded pens engraved with logo and printing can also be arranged for the purpose of novel gifting.

 cross_pen_14_karat_gold  cross_pen_10_karat_gold_set.












  2 pc pen set