Key chains

Great styles in keychains are a common gift. If you are looking for cheap gifts and bulk orders, it is advisable to go for keychains in the best quality and style. With metal engravings, plastic designs as well as acrylic styles, the gifting idea really becomes easy. They are durable and also high on the utility.


Monogrammed or handcrafted key chains are a fabulous idea here. Smart key chains are available in the sports collection like a ball or a racket. Crystal keychains are available for a special occasion.

It is great to find stylish keychains for bikes as well as cars. They from a wonderful accessory for all your employees. Incredible styles are possible with photo styled keychains that are great and full of color. Ultra cool key chains are also available for your office drawers and the select styles in vintage key chains are great too. Keychains with a message are also widely accepted.



Personalized mugs with a message or the brand name are a fabulous idea. They are economical and can also be used to suit the needs of the executive in the company. Colorful and stylish coffee mugs are always a premium. It is great to find that the smart mugs are available in sets You can also arrange to order separate packaging of each piece so as to give a special feeling. Mugs have always been a common gift when it comes to corporate gifting.

Mugs or cups in plastic, metal, dual tones as well as ceramic are now very popular. Customizing a text on the mug is quite easy. Engraving a logo is also done with ease. For special gifting purposes glass mugs with golden rims can also be a good idea. Perfect for a seminar or a conference, the mugs are certainly the best of its kind in fabulous shapes and designs.






































Coasters and Coaster trays


Diaries, Calendars, Organizers

Diaries and organizers are very much required for all grades in management. Adding more flexibility and organization to your desk, the best diaries and calendars have additional features that will give you more ease as you get your work organized. Aiding skill to your daily planning and appointments, the diaries come with the best covering and imported jackets that are compact and can also be carried during a travel plan. Diaries can be customized as per your need.

Embossed in metal or gold, the classic diaries have always been a great help to busy people in the corporate world. The sturdy look is dependable and it has logical compartments to work out the best options for you. Designed with comfort and compactness, the foldable desktop calendars are highly useful. Giving you at-a-glance comfort in viewing public holidays and helping you plan your year, the executive calendars are vibrant and stylish, adding charm to your desk.

Wrist watches

Gifting a wrist watch seems great for any occasion. The styles in men’s watches are bold, novel and very macho. popular in India are Titan watches, D’Signer watches , Giordano watches, Espirit and other Branded Wrist Watches in India. The business wrist watches are of the serious variety that also has additional features of the multi clock facility. Very suave and easy to maintain, the range in sports wear for mens wrist watches is enthralling. Regular watches or digital ones also seem great for gifting. Choosing bulk orders are also doable in the best variety. Alarm facility and snooze options are also a highlight here in today’s wrist watches.

Beauty is translated with the best wrist watches meant for ladies. New styles are seen with simple office watches, travel watches and the funky wear meant for Friday dressing are also making the rounds. Branded variety has a lot in it with the best in packaging and warranty. Engraving your logo or arranging for the best packaging is now easy and you can surely include it as a special corporate gift.







Wall Clocks and World Time Clocks

Wall clocks of the best variety and style are available in the modern range. If you are looking for antique styles in wood, that too can be arranged for you. The clocks available are durable and the wall mounted ones are elite. Arranging for shipping and packaging, they can be customized with brandingto a standard option in all regions. New collections always arrive in the market making your occasion really special. More styles are seen with brass and wrought iron varieties.

For official gifting or as a seasonal greeting gift to your employees, clocks always have a special charm to your entire idea of celebration. Available in white, beige and black dials, the clocks can also be ordered as per a particular design. Contemporary designs along with chimes are wonderful too but if you are looking for something simple, you can always order the stylish ones in varying shapes as per your need and occasion.




 Table clocks  




 wall clocks  








Decorative Clocks

Mini Clocks


 World clocks  

















World time clock with pen stand

T-shirts, Caps

Perfect as a promotional gift or giveaway, T-shirts and caps are some of the utility items that add value to your marketing needs. They can be ordered in bulk and can be customized to carry a particular message.





PROMOTIONAL T SHIRTS – Bright hues make the T shirt attractive. It is developed with the best textiles and that gives more assurance about the quality. Engraved with a logo or a message on the reverse, the T shirts are the most common items when it comes to corporate gifting .


Polo T Shirtsare known for their lasting quality and unique patterns.  Polo t-shirts are available in different colors, sizes 




Round Neck T Shirts


promotional sportswear – Dri-Fit T-Shirts – Unique ability to absorb sweat.



Promotional Sweatshirts




Promotional Windcheaters



Promotional Caps

The caps too are stylish and can be ordered in a wide range of colors and styles. Cotton caps are great or the new collections in the sports wear collection are remarkable creations. Ladies T shirts too are available in the customized variety. Peek caps are always trendy and useful. Low cost T shirts in cotton as well as sports T-shirts are seen in amazing colors like orange and green.





Crystal gifts

Elegance and style is blended well in the crystal gifts that represent respect, grandeur and sincerity.

Depicting an emotion or expressing a figure of an animal or a mythical bird, there are so many possibilities with crystal. Crystal jewelry is also very famous and the tinted colors make it presentable.

Goblets in crystal or glasses are also available and that is truly a special gift. Exclusive in every way they are great as senior management gifts too.

Crystal angels and also certain feng shui items can be used to create more harmony and good luck to your residence. Add more elegance to your collectibles with the best in crystal sets like bowls, cabinet display as well as abstract shapes. A vase in the vintage style, a sea animal or even a large bowl in crystal are exclusive gifts for your corporate needs. Carefully packed and presented with a lot of elan, crystal gifts surely are perfect in every way.







Promotional coffee mugs

We supply custom made and personalised promotional coffee mugs in. Our mugs are made up of printable materials that can be used to print, emboss or etch the artwork on the circumference. Use your company logo and / or an inspirational message to enhance the branding experience.

These promotional coffee mugs are available in attractive designs and colours to match your organization’s theme and colour scheme. These prints do not get washed away while washing and are microwave safe.

We have earned noteworthy business through our customized and personalized promotional coffee mugs and received repeat orders year after year. Check our online promotional coffee mugs catalogue for having idea about the latest designs and colours introduced.

In addition to the available custom mugs, we can also get the promotional mugs customized for you, as per your requirements. Please contact us to let our representative visit you for more inputs.

Pen drives

Exclusive styles in pen drive are always seen coming in new styles. It is awesome to note the compact series in pen drives that are so very easy on the utility and presentation. Pen drives can be customized to suit a particular promotional product. Corporate gifting with value addition via technological products is always popular. Ordering the gift online is also a superb idea.

Orders in bulk or in selected pieces for your corporate gifting idea is feasible. The pen drives in the shape of a pen, credit card, lipstick as well as compact pieces are seen with a lot of color and glamor that suits a gifting idea.

You can also have your choice depending on the GB capacity you require. Glide pen styles or pen drive blades are also good deals. Unique shapes in transport modes as well as stylish ones in a durable pack are also common.


SEVERAL KINDS OF PEN DRIVES ARE AVAILABLE including  customized bulk pen drives to match the product / theme or event

Pen shaped pen drives Visiting card pen drives/ credit card pen drives



 Eco friendly pen drives / environment friendly pen drives



 U talk radiation free handsets  


Desktop Corporate Gifts

New styles in corporate gifting maintain the style and charm. Etiquette is highly important when it comes to gifts. Regular gifts like mouse pads, premium card holders, exclusive writing instruments, mobile charger holders, kits for mobile and chargers in compact cases as well as alarm clocks are very common. You can have them branded for more confidence. Personalized desktop gift items like a small battery operated fan or even pen holder sets with planners are very useful. Laser engraved items are also very popular now. You can also include tea coaster, coffee mug sets and compact stereos to create a perfect look.

Business card holders are also great with the best in style and compactness. Sleek paperweights, crystal clocks, wooden pen stands with clocks, wooden or brass desktop gifts are also perfect memorable engraved desktop gifts.

We are desktop corporate gifts items traders in. Starting from photo frames to pen holders, we provide a myriad of products to beautify your desktop.

Our experience makes us skilled in identifying quality materials and finalizing appropriate specifications for the desktop gifts items for offices. We have industries top names in our client list. We deal in wooden desktop corporate gift items and brass desktop corporate gift items also. We have a team of professionals that works continually to research and come out with innovative designs to give your desktop a traditional and contemporary looks. You can choose anyone that suits your needs and office interiors. You can also order customized desktop corporate gifts from us and pass on your message in style.

Our team is ready to provide you with their offerings, please feel free to contact us with your enquiry. We will be happy to serve you.