Credit Card Pen Drives

Credit Card Pen DrivesCredit card pen drives, also known as business card pen drives or visiting card pen drives are one of the popular items in the list of corporate gifts. They have an appearance similar to credit or business  cards but have the functionality similar to pen drives. While you can use the pen drive for copying and transferring data, you can use the card for corporate branding. They suit the need of individuals as well as those of companies. You can display the logo, contact details, product images and much more on the cards.



The credit card pen drives exhibit an executive style and are a perfect gift for business professionals to enhance their client and customer interaction. Though the drives are offered in various packing options like plastic, paper and even leather, you can opt to carry them comfortably in your wallet as well.You can get different types of artwork printed or embossed on both the sides of the card and can even opt for non erasable data on the pen drive to ensure the safety of your data. Different varieties of credit card pen drives have their own specifications. The generic specification details of the drives is listed as below:

Capacity: It ranges from 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G to 16GB

Data Transfer Rate: Varies in different varieties and is different for read and write

Interface: Usually USB 1.1 or 2.0 or 3.0

OS: Varies with the brand

Branding options for card:

Printing: Screen/Full color/4 color/Laser/Foil Stamp/Hot Stamp

Others: Dome Imprint/Etching/Embossing

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You can thus use or gift these card pen drives that serve the purpose of data storage as well as promotion.

Pen drives

Exclusive styles in pen drive are always seen coming in new styles. It is awesome to note the compact series in pen drives that are so very easy on the utility and presentation. Pen drives can be customized to suit a particular promotional product. Corporate gifting with value addition via technological products is always popular. Ordering the gift online is also a superb idea.

Orders in bulk or in selected pieces for your corporate gifting idea is feasible. The pen drives in the shape of a pen, credit card, lipstick as well as compact pieces are seen with a lot of color and glamor that suits a gifting idea.

You can also have your choice depending on the GB capacity you require. Glide pen styles or pen drive blades are also good deals. Unique shapes in transport modes as well as stylish ones in a durable pack are also common.


SEVERAL KINDS OF PEN DRIVES ARE AVAILABLE including  customized bulk pen drives to match the product / theme or event

Pen shaped pen drives Visiting card pen drives/ credit card pen drives



 Eco friendly pen drives / environment friendly pen drives



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