Gizmos and Geek Gifts – Electronic and Gadget Corporate Gifts

Gadgets, gizmos for Geeks !

Gifts that are appealing are the ones that have a lot of efficacy as well as style. The gifts related to technology are always appreciated by a receiver. It is great to include new styles in gizmos that are available in the latest versions. While you understand the respect and integrity behind gifting, it is very essential to know that gifts are also to be presented in a proper manner.


 LED Book Light – LED Reading Lamp


 1.8″ LCD Mini Music Stereo Speaker with SD/MMC/USB Card Reader, FM radio and Remote Control
 Play station



For profiled events, it is perfectly fine to include gifts like mobiles and Androids that suits the needs of executives, sales personnel as well as senior people in the management. Geeky and a necessity with changing times, there are more variations in USB cords, pen drives as well as memory disks for storing data.

Utility techno gifts for techno savvy individuals:

  • Disks come in cute packs as per memory storage capacity like hard drives and chips for storing photographs.
  • New styles in pen drives are geeky, stylish as well as very peppy, depending on the tone and decorum of the executives.
  • Gadgets also include new age torches, lights and laser detectors as well as cctv cameras.
  • Joysticks as well as I phone stands are also exclusive gifts.

Pen drives

Exclusive styles in pen drive are always seen coming in new styles. It is awesome to note the compact series in pen drives that are so very easy on the utility and presentation. Pen drives can be customized to suit a particular promotional product. Corporate gifting with value addition via technological products is always popular. Ordering the gift online is also a superb idea.

Orders in bulk or in selected pieces for your corporate gifting idea is feasible. The pen drives in the shape of a pen, credit card, lipstick as well as compact pieces are seen with a lot of color and glamor that suits a gifting idea.

You can also have your choice depending on the GB capacity you require. Glide pen styles or pen drive blades are also good deals. Unique shapes in transport modes as well as stylish ones in a durable pack are also common.


SEVERAL KINDS OF PEN DRIVES ARE AVAILABLE including  customized bulk pen drives to match the product / theme or event

Pen shaped pen drives Visiting card pen drives/ credit card pen drives



 Eco friendly pen drives / environment friendly pen drives



 U talk radiation free handsets