Covid Products as Promotional Items

The time has come to protect ourselves and to promote our business through promotional items. We are providingCovidproducts which can create awareness about your company and at the same time serve the humanity. Our products are tested and safe to use and standards are maintained with due respect and at affordable prices, with immediate delivery on timely basis and that too customized and customer service with a feeling of wow. These products are ISO certified and we have varieties of product with quality, brand and right value.

  1. Mask – Every individual need to protect themselves from this deadly virus and it can be customized as per your requirement. It can be reusable and with multiple use and also non-woven.


  1. Multi utility key chain –Multipurpose to safe guard us to open doors, press lift button, ATM cashpoint, etc. and to avoid direct contact. It can be used as key chain also and the logo can be embossed whether on plastic or metal as per the requirement.


  1. Opener with multi utility – Opener with multipurpose like key chain but in this it is the opener too. Can be customised with logo on plastic or metal.


  1. Hand gloves –Hand gloves will protect us from spreading the virus and this can be washable or disposable with customised, depending upon your need.


  1. Protective Goggles –This will protect our eyes and not allow us to touch to spread the virus and this can be customized with logo printed.


  1. Face Shield – Face shield provides protection overall by covering your face against chemicals hazards and virus and very comfortable to wear and can be customised. The strip is made of thermoplastic material, and the shield is made of poly-carbonate, very clear and easy to fit. It is reusable and only you have to change the shield.


  1. Touch free hand sanitizer dispenser–Very compact and easy to use dispenser without touching and works on contactless technology and sensor based, completely disinfect both hands. It is wall mounted and completely automatic with minimum usage, hassle free and economical. It can be customized with promotional message and logo.


  1. Social Distancing Safety Reflective Vest – This printed are helpful in maintaining social distancing at shops, events and also used by traffic or police constable and it highlights and acts as a safety precaution to be taken. You can get promotional message along with logo printed to create awareness for security, traffic personnel, crowd control, etc. It can be customised as per your requirement.

  1. Sticky mats to remove contaminants /infection at your doorstep – This will remove contaminants and it can be easily removed as having multi layered and unshrinkable while dragging. This can be customized too with your company logo to create awareness.


We believe in quality product and service, as customer satisfaction is more important than anything else. So get your Covid products customized to enhance your branding and increase your footprint and create a value.