Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2018

Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated on a grand scale in India. This is the time where people will try to cherish the relationships whether it is at home or outside. Diwali Corporate Gifts is an upcoming trend gaining a lot of attention on giving to the employees, customers, clients, staff, right from the highest position to the lowest position in a company. This festival enables a lot of planning and execution on corporate gifting ideas for the companies to try and improve the relationships with everyone to gain business or build the relationship with people around with whom we deal on daily basis. The future clients are also pampered with the gifts for building relationships and confidence. In today’s time Companies and corporate look after their customers, clients and employee as a family. Therefore utility Gifting is more important and gaining momentum.


In order for the Gift to be productive and long use in a world full of Technology Companies have introduced gifting high tech gadgets which are in multipurpose usage in variation either at home or in office use.

Gone are the days when only Diwali corporate gift hampers used to be sweets, juices and dry fruits. These things were packed in very attractive packets & the diyas also given as gifts during Diwali as mementoes.

A Corporate Gift Items can include things like keychains, diaries, notepads, calendars, Pens, Headphone, Notebook with Pencil case, Power bank with visiting card holder, Sunglasses, Jewellery, wireless charger, desk lamp, selfie speaker, multifunctional clock speaker, multifunctional music torch with power bank, magnetic sports stereo headphones with neck bank, smart watches, home and electrical appliances anything from small to big gift etc. Apart from the above expensive paintings, decorative diyas, crockery sets, Customised stationary items are also gifted. These are the items that are usually presented as corporate gifts by most companies. But it can be anything that can represent their products or services as well. These are also depended upon the target audience to whom it is given.

Imprinted corporate gifts and promotional products will leave a long-lasting impression. A unique corporate gift personalized or branded with your company logo or business message will carry your brand for a lifetime and be remembered by most. Corporate Gifting could include Intangible business gifts, like vacations and cruises, which are currently a major portion of company gift-giving. They could also be vouchers, Personalized Corporate gifts, publically recognition and Bonus for Employee Rewards.

Today along with the above companies concentrate on productive gifts like speakers, clock, alarm, headphones, desk lamps, photo frame, fitness bands to monitor overall along with enjoyment, backpack, earphones and many more tech gadgets.

Diwali Gifting to Employees:

Employee deserves the best as they are the reason behind the success and attracting clients.

Hamper of luck, Silver bowl Set, Golden bowl set, Ganesha and Laxmi idol, Kundan pen stand are few gifts that are considered during Diwali as a gift. Corporate gifting to Employees could be not limiting to multifunctional Clock and alarm clock items in variation like cardholder clock with a pen which is always in front of you enabling to be mindful on time and quick access to the pen which comes handy when required. Fancy cardholder clock with mobile stand is same as above however place for mobile to hold. Desk Utility Clock comes with a Clock stand, mobile stand, pen/pencil stand -all in one.

Gifting cable charge wire are also gaining attention to the Employees as Diwali gift, the all-new 3 in 1 cable charge wire (micro, lighting and type c) Gifting Wireless charger is of great use example Mousepad combined with technology of wireless charging is a great gift which enables you to use your mouse while effortlessly charging the phone on mouse pad.

The corporate gift to Employees could be certain table top items like the Cooling fan which are light in weight, they are a great portable product for business/leisure trips in hot weather.

Great table accessory perpetual calendar, world time clock and calculator, 3 in 1 product is of great use when it’s kept on the table while you are working or just at ease. Enabling you to view time in certain countries, helping you to view the date and can make great calculations as well. This is another great Gift for your employees.

Diwali Gifting to clients and Customers : Well planned and executed gifts are gifted to client as they are most important asset to you Corporate gifting items could include Tech gadgets with ,multi-purpose utility, Kindle, Gift card, Crockery items Customised golf ball, mix of coffee blends, Customised calendars with photo frame, Exotic set of Gift hamper, Personalized pen and diary set, Traveller bag for frequent travellers, Personalized mugs, Passport holder with pocket diary and visiting card slot.

Diwali Gifting- Dual purpose (Customers and Employees)– Best corporate gifts to Customers and clients who are the reason behind your company and Employee service provided to them could include not limited to; Power banks with dual or more USB Slots for mobile charging keeping your priority on charged up to date. Power banks also comes in variety with visiting card holder which lets you include your 10-12 important visiting cards which can be given to the customer as a power bank and a company visiting card in the slot. Another important utility gift is Power bank with diary-The diary comes with a power bank to charge your phones /laptop/desktop. With the inbuilt power bank and it’s cables: Micro C, Lighting & Type C charging cables supporting your iOS and Android devices you can keep your devices and gadgets charged all day long with the full battery. This also has a slot for visiting cards keeping your visiting card, pen loop, diary, power bank and mobile phone all in one place making your work hassle free nothing more can be asked with such flawless perfect device. Power banks come with fancy keychains as well, Power bank with flashlight/torchlight- this can be carried while you are travelling for overnight or when the light goes off. This will always be a rescue and handy and more over user friendly to support the right occasion.

Wireless charging kit is yet another gift that can be gifted to the client it’s an excellent device to charge your phone without carrying your power bank while this acts as a power bank with a Qi-enabled technology and it comes with receivers (micro, type c, iPhone and micro) charging your phone wirelessly.

Apart from power banks few other gadgets as a part of gifting to clients, customer and employees could include a dual car charger and USB Port. Which allows you to charge your phone while travelling in a car and connect to USB as well.

During Diwali time a lot many corporate shops introduce gifts which can be given to employees and client both depending on their usage, liking and requirement

One of the classy gifts are the speakers with multifunctional ability. Speakers that come along with micro SD Card, USB Slot, Pen drive slot, Bluetooth, call answering facility and FM radio.

Also, Wireless speaker that comes with a selfie stick and power bank is an excellent 3 in 1 gift for high-end customers and clients giving good business to your company.

Another yet exclusive gift is wooden digital photo frame (BT Speaker, Mobile/table stand) which is stylish yet fancy and of great utility whether in office workspace or at home. Clock speakers are also gaining momentum with LED Display.

When you know the set of your clients or customers you can also gift them the music for life gift like Wireless Speakers + Headphones, Wireless neck bands, Ear-pods, sports stereo earphones with Neckband.

Certain Earbuds, come with Ear dock station which is also capable of charging the earbuds and phone at the same time by simply connecting the USB wire between the dock and phone.

Desk Lamps are quite in trend while gifting to customers or Employees in that case as Employees can use it on their desk space or at home and same with the clients.

Desk lamp comes with rich Red White Blue colour technology. It also has white light enabled which is decent and works well for your eyes without straining it, flicker-free, anti-glare and perfect for reading, writing or working. With its arm position which can be adjusted with a minimum good power of 1.5w.

These Desk lamp table top items come with great variety either with flower pot stand combined /Pen stand and also with inbuilt speaker facility, Bluetooth integrated and USB port.

Bluetooth Smart tag key and smartphone finder are of great usage which comes in use while you are not able to locate your phone and keys, your important accessory. It works with Bluetooth enabled phone.

With your fitness freak Customers and Employees when you take care of them, they, in turn, take great care of you and your company. Why not gift them a health-conscious fit band which comes with a lot many features taking care of health and body. These Fitness bands are waterproof and dustproof to a greater extent. They also support call answering, rejecting of calls. It also notifies you for the social apps, Certain Fitness band are in sync with the selfie photo on the app to monitor your looks and share with your peer group. Another great digital rope band which calculates the number of jumps completed and calories burned digitally.

The above ideas not limiting to the above variation is possible in case of demand, requirement, choice, fashion and trend.

Promotional Gifts in India

There are several Promotional Gift Products and promotional gift items which are ever popular and common Gifting scenario in India. Let’s study which gifting option would be ideally suited to your requirement.


Promotional bags : – Bags are a good gift when you want to promote a particular product. Engraved with a message or a logo, bags in the promotional variety are colorful and can be offered to meet the purpose of utility.

It is indeed interesting to have special utility bags with handle, meant for grocery shopping and sturdy ones in jute or cotton that are  handy and have an aesthetic look.

Eco friendly Bags,  Jute I pad covers are getting popular for ladies including the totes as business gifts in India and messenger bags for men which also facilitates official use.



  Promotional t shirts :- In keeping with the present casual dress code, T shirts in the sports variety can be ordered in bulk for a particular section of your company. You can have various colors like yellow, blue and even whites.

The printing can be done easily and it is nice to have some logo marked on the same. T shirts in cotton and Lycra catering to Gym wear is also available.

Dependable and durable orders are entertained by professional companies. T shirts for an event can also be catered with a bold logo imprinted to create awareness of the product.





Promotional pen drive : – Various types of pen drives are available as per capacity, size and design. It is wonderful to work out a special shape or size of the pen drive that is indeed useful.

For executives as well as sales employees, pen drives facilitate a lot of activity and hence they can be ordered. Orders for corporate gifts and promotional items can be done online to save time. Colorful and vibrant shapes in pen drives certainly make it appealing and is full of utility. Card Shaped pen Drives are the most popular.






Promotional pens :- Pens are a common feature when you promote a particular scheme of the product. Firstly, the utility factor here is very high.

It is good to also offer a set of pens to senior professionals. Bulk quantities in pens are always easy to order at cheaper rates and distribute.

Colored pens will always be in demand and the name of the product can be engraved on the same. Presented in the right style and etiquettes are also a great way to gift people.








Promotional Wall clocks : – Stylish and elegant wall clocks are always a great gift. It is great to find the best gifts in wall clocks conforming to various sizes.

It can also be customized as per the idea of the product. Logo or engraving on the wall clock will be a good idea. Ideally, a message can also go along with it.

Art works in antique styled wall clocks also work well for many corporate orders.




Corporate gifts for men in India

For the men who are busy, believe in leisure and adventure, there are so many gifts in the corporate category.

Combining pleasure with business trips, sales conventions, training and
internship is common in today’s business world.

Economical variety in gifting is also possible and this can be arranged with the best quality and style. Trendy styles in gifting for men are
always seen in utility products that suit a corporate decorum and add value to the idea of gifting.



Combining style with the useful items is always a good thing when it comes to gifting.













Metal Golf sets










Glass chess sets









Special gifts can be worked out accordingly :

  • Golf kits.
  • Wrist watches with world clock.
  • Executive diaries and planners.
  • Desktop gadget accessories.
  • Duffel bags.
  • Trolley bags for travel.

The duffel bags are spacious with extra pockets that are aided with Velcro so that you are not
hassled while travelling. The planners are made with soft cushioned jackets and are durable.
The golf kits are surely a delight as an assorted sports item.

Gadgets are always needed for busy executives who want to use some style to have their work done. Amazing and modern wrist watches for the suave men is always a perfect gift. Packaged well and stylishly, the gifts can
be done for an annual event or a special one time occasion. Doing it with élan, the best in bags
as well as utility items like camping gifts are really getting popular as corporate gifts for men.
Useful, smart and very trendy, the men’s gifts are a wide range of variety.

Employee gifts

Gift-your-employee-programs are always an annual feat in all offices. If you are looking for good choices as gifts for your employees, you can go for watches, pen holders or combination gifts like pen holders with photo frames.

Other gifts mainly include tote bags, backpacks and a travel kit. Interesting gifts are about a pack of minted chocolates or assorted toffees. Smart gifts with proper packing are available in new items like magnifying glass, crystal sets and binoculars.

Kitchen utensils are also a great gift. Travel calculators with photo frames are indeed the latest ones in the market. Pens, trinkets like crystal sets or even an exclusive wrist watch or alarm clock are valuable employee gifts, which will be appreciated in all your offices.

Semi formal gifts can also be seen as marble casings, dried flower arrangements, confectionery and special sweet boxes during Diwali. Cards to go along with these gifts can surely be looked into as an option and words certainly mean a lot to all employees. Citations well embossed or laminated in sculpted wood frame work is a great idea as a corporate gift.

Corporate Gifts Awards

Rewarding employees is a huge part of any Human Resource program. Suitable awards and merit certificates is a wonderful idea to improve the esteem of deserving employees. Gifts awards as an acknowledgement of their service  can be inked in gold or silver. Common in this field of gifting include Awards, Trophies, Medals, Badges, etc

Wooden carvings with a special note of appreciation or a deserving title are also a good idea. Silver trophies embedded in glass or fiber is a wonderful eye-catchy gift. Accolades and badges are also great gifts. Engraved plaques are also excellent and you can have your dimensions specified.

Standard sizes in corporate gifts awards and trophies are available in wood and metal award gifts but you can have it customized too. Companies are also going for marble frames in awards that are truly interesting.

Personalized crystal gifts can be worked out as corporate awards. There are regular awards that can be framed in a wooden setting of the ornamental kind. Crystal awards are excellent and have the appeal of elegance. The shapes like oval or semicircle with a 3 D effect is indeed adorable.

Certificates or citations are also a good idea especially during a conference or a seminar. The durable quality and charm of acrylic awards is a great idea too. Presented as an eagle trophy, the awards are of durable quality.