Video brochure and LCD e writers

It is the digital age and it is no wonder that marketers are coming out with unique concepts to drive home their messages riding the digital wave.  As video brochure manufacturer in India, we offer the best prices. The video brochure is one such introduction that is very interesting and visually impressive. Many marketers are finding favor with this device and slowly phasing out marketing through pamphlets, banners, flyers and the like. They are now communicating with their target audience through this audio visual medium more and more. New product launches, delivering information about an upcoming marketing promotion are all being done through the video brochure.

This device features an LCD screen with speakers and memory storage. You record the message you wish to, along with any pictures and that is all. Just pack and send to your target segment and you will find that they receive such communication very positively. They are lesser likely to junk it like they do to most other direct marketing material. You retain the flexibility of adding  and deleting what you have created at any time as well.

Talking of LCD, another device is the LCD ewriter that is also making waves. If you are looking for the most natural writing experience without using pen or paper, turn to these devices. Just write what you want to on to the LCD screen and throw away all the scratch pads, sticky notes and other paper you are so used to all these years.

The images you have created on these devices will stay till you erase and create new ones. It is suitable for use for all ages. The battery life lasts for as long as 50,000 erases, which covers the life of the product and you will not require any replacement. Take care though to see that you use the prescribed stylus for writing on the screen and do not use it outdoors. You should also know that you cannot erase specific portions of text or images as upon pressing the erase button, the entire screen will get erased.

One good feature is that you will not end up accidentally pressing the eraser button since the stylus holder is positioned above the eraser itself. This device is compatible with any OS that is able to recognize the USB storage device. You can also connect via Bluetooth to your computer.

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Branded Pens in India

A writing instrument is always considered as a novel gift item. The branded variety in pens are excellent and provide a characteristic utility. Easy to hold and full of style, the pens are smooth while writing and give a firm grip. It is indeed great to find remarkable pens and present it as a gift.

The logo of a company or a message can be engraved on the pen or pen case. Executives and professionals will surely admire your taste and the art of presentation will make it more interesting. Engraved pens are also getting more popular now with unique rubber grip and functionality. The quality of branded pens is superb. You can look into the special collections in sheaffer pen, mont blanc pen, cross pens and parker pens, waterman pen and pilot pens to mention a few. The colors are alluring and the quality of the pens is truly superb.

More and more companies are looking for suitable gifts for seasonal occasions and corporate functions involving senior executives. A good pen is special and conceptualizes the respect you have for the client, executive or personnel. It is marvelous to find reliable pens in the listed brands which are high on fashion and are well fabricated with a stylish finish.

Whether it is a ball point pen or a fountain pen, the style in the branded variety is supreme. The receiver will surely appreciate the sensitivity with which you have presented this unique gift. The pens can be purchased along with an elaborate case with a satin wrap or bow. Exclusive wrappings and sets of pens are also available for special executives for a special commemoration. The personalized effect is greatly seen in gifts nowadays. Plastic pens too are elaborate in their unique color and finish that is captivating.

Some of the Branded Pens popular as Corporate Gifts in India include :

Sheaffer pen
Mont blanc pen
Cross pens
Parker pen
Lamy Pens

Pens like pilot pens and Mont  blanc brands are chic and very light in weight. This gives a lot of ease to people to include it for routine writing activities.


Designed with precision and deft quality, the pens are sleek with a luxurious feeling. Gifts always represent etiquette and branded quality pens certainly bring out the style and quality. Available in competitive rates, the pens can be shopped online and specified for engraving, logo printing and other personalized requirements.

Gifting branded pens is now a regular part of corporate exchange. Serving as memento, respect and celebration, the pens are a premium collection.


Gifting branded pens is now a regular part of corporate exchange. Serving as memento, respect and also celebration the pens are a premium collection. Author Kamakshi Gupte.

Exclusive Corporate Gifts

Gifting is a very meticulous task. The gift has to be appropriate as per the occasion. When you need something exclusive, you can brainstorm with your team whether you need to add in the special touch with personalized items.

This can be taken care of with the help of interesting ideas and you can also engrave the logo of your latest product to make it memorable. Gifts for senior teammates as well professionals need to have the finesse and style, which is corporate as well as pleasing. Value addition is surely a great inclusion here.

Some gifts are seen as :

  • Gift sets in crockery with logo engraving.
  • Drinking glasses and cutlery
  • Figurines in glass and crystal
  • Wood sculptures for outdoor decorative purpose
  • Leather goods
  • Gizmos and promotional gadgets

Gifting crockery is perhaps the best way to add an item of utility. Glasses and decanter are always useful. Crystal and glassware is another huge range you have. Awards and recognition in crystal is also possible. Sculptures or statues in wood in the wide range is also possible. Regular items also include leather products. Gadgets like mobiles or exclusive ranges in semi precious jewelry is also a great gift.


Handicraft gift items – Memories for a lifetime.




Mini Pony oval base with Clock-with colored crystals.   





made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals-Product Code : [ U0316-126-GBL01 ]-sc-fus

 Heart & Tulips Rotating Clock 







Product Code : [ U0333-146-GMX01 ]-made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals


 Vintage Car with Clock-Product Code : [ U0090-045-GT001 ]-sc-fus 

Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals.


Three Tulips in Crystal Vase- Pen Set small with Black Pen- Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals. Product Code : [ U0212-171-GM1 ] sc-fus


  Made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS CrystalsSailboat- Pen Set large with Black Pen -Product Code : [ U0047-172-GGX ]- sc-fus  made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS CrystalsGolf Bag- Deluxe Oval B Product Code – U0060-171-GA1-sc-fu


 U talk radiation free handsets  





 IMG_81091 – sc – wc  IMG_8117


Silver coated exclusive premium corporate gifts – sc-wc







Led glow candles can be customized as per your choice and are available in unique colors, sizes. These flame less candles are Made of Real Paraffin wax to preserve it’s original looks – They are ideal For Corporate Gifts, Festival gifts, Home decor gifts and Delegate Events gifting.











Original swarovski pens – crystalline ball point pen, set of 2 pens – code: sc-apgr










swarovski – crystalline USB & ball point pen,White Pearl  .code:  sc-apgr



 Interesting corporate Gifts



Corporate gifts for CEO

Gifts for senior personnel especially the highest ranking CEO has to be special. These can include the best in smart and accessible gadgets and also travel items. The CEO position is senior and gifts must be based on the seniority of the person. Hence it is good to include stylized gifts that are in the luxurious range.

 Kyte’s Flame less Candle  


 BCT -906  Golf set 908 BCT



 world time clocks  


Home decor gifts


Decision maker







Super Exclusive Gifts made from SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals


Classic Globe – Clock. Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals. Product Code : [ U0297-045-GMX01 ]-sc-fus










OM- Pen Set large with Black Pen. Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals.  Product Code : [ U0418-172-GRE ]-sc-fus










Heart & Tulips Rotating Clock-

Product Code : [ U0333-146-GMX01 ]-sc-fus











Mini Pony oval base with Clock-Product Code : [ U0418-172-GRE ]-sc-fus


Special care must be taken to add a touch of glamour to the packaging. Personalized items too are a perfect way to gift a senior professional like a CEO of the company. Branded and good quality items are certainly great.

A few gifts meant for a CEO may include:

  • Gadgets, mobile covers, apps.
  • Wireless mouse
  • Desktop accessories in premium kinds
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Crystal sets
  • Utility items for outdoor travel.

The best in gadgets like mobile covers and additional apps for a console is a great gift. Trending
styles also include a wireless mouse or an android phone to suit the utility needs of a senior
professional. Other ideas can be great looking desktop accessories like planners, alarm clocks
or even crystal figurines branded with your company logo.

An important item are the sets in crystal for decorative purpose. The
sincere utility items like a digital camera, outdoor travel items as well as camping essentials
would be a perfect gift for the professional who is an enthusiastic trekker. The best in CEO
gifts or Executive Gifts can be also obtained with us. Special and radiating extravagant styles, there are hampers for
personal use, which can be personalized to create a decorum that is formal and stylish.

es are a class apart !