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corporate gifts ideas for Diwali 2015 India

Corporate gifts ideas for Diwali 2015 in India

The festive season of bonding and rejoicing is made more special with exclusive gifts. Utility is one major need when you are thinking of gifting your loved one a very special gift. While it is easy for you to check out the gadgets it is certainly important to know the pricing as well as the specifications, so that you can make the apt choice. We offer a wide range of gifting options which are of bespoke quality and also at a reasonable price. As we are trading and supplying gifts to leading corporate offices, we certainly have a long standing repute which adds to our merit.

card power bankThe best in gifts in the corporate category are card power bank which is an organized accessory for your official needs. No more unruly cards stuffed but a neat and structured layout in amazing colors and durable exterior. The most popular trend in gifts is about power banks. They are full of utility extending the facility of charging your phone when you are travelling. Available in sleek, smart makes and bold colors, this is a popular gift. Adding more ease for usage is the speaker mobile stand. This enables the user to speak comfortably and is a sure way to multi task amidst a business deal.

The comfort quotient via a gadget adds a sense of luxury and contributes in having a better life. Power banks of the solar variety are also available in various brands that are available in good packaging and the quality is assured. The lithium make is waterproof, enabling the user to brave the tough monsoon weather and it is very much portable. The macho style of the robust car charger and laptop charger is one great boon of technology. Smart and easy to store in your car, this is a multipurpose item that is always a sign of comfort.

Bluetooth Speakers gramophoneBluetooth Speakers are trendy too, especially when they give you an optimum output and sleek design. There are special new hues in the same and that contributes to the festive atmosphere. The smart waterproof speakers are the ones that are very popular. The little man is one great gadget with 4 ports usb facility that is small, convenient and works best when you are travelling. The quality is good and also very trendy. The best about Bluetooth devices is that they come to your aid when you want several things at the same time. Moreover, they add to your safety. The smart and stylish gramophone Bluetooth is almost like a piece of coveted art. Surely amazing in performance, this is a superb way to decorate your desk culture when you at your workstation or travelling for business.
Portable Bluetooth Speakers : Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops can be seen in almost every hand now but the sad part about them is however expensive or branded don’t have a worthy sound quality. Don’t be upset now your ears can experience an audio treat with spectacular Portable Bluetooth Speakers. These are powerful, rugged and stylish which work with nearly all smartphones and tablets as well as all iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch models and even laptops or some desktops because of integrated Bluetooth feature. They are latest advancements on the wireless country and one of the best things about Bluetooth Speakers is its portability. Portable Bluetooth Speakers are best for camping voyage, or spending a little extra time with friends while out for a picnic when you can’t carry around your entire sound system. As they don’t require any installation and one can start listening music around minutes. Any Portable Bluetooth Speaker today just needs to have 3 main aspects to meet users demand i.e. great sound quality, aestatically designed and simple to use. So, get ready to make your small get together’s dynamic with these Portable Bluetooth Speakers. As these are power-packed with high density sound look small but kick-out loud and clear audio than a speaker double its size!


selfie sticks with logo india Selfie sticks and gadgets like universal lens are a big hit this season. With more innovative ideas that are creative, useful and manageable the best in selfie items are the S gadgets, Li-on selfie pack and also the S bag with a dual utility. They are easy to carry around and perfect when you need to capture an image of your team or a scenic view around you. Do call on us or visit our corporate gift store for more information and wholesale offers. We have the best collection of promotional and customized gifts  🙂

Corporate Gifts for Construction Industry and Builders

The efforts in branding or imprinting a logo on a gift is one of the unique promotional aspect while extending courtesy. For new business and for extending seasonal greetings the importance of gifting is always a useful idea. Gifts are also about wrapping and it depends on the style you want it to be presented. Some gifts are unique and given personally but for bulk gifting simple ideas in wrapping can be used.


For employees:

The gifts here can be simple but very durable. They can be simple utility items and are branded with the logo or the company’s name. The presentation here is simple and very effective. Items like hand held LED lights and torches are always useful. Key chains and also bags are another great use to employees connected with the construction industry.


General gifts:

  • Utility items like desktop accessories
  • T shirts
  • Messenger Bags
  • Caps and water resistant aprons
  • Key chains with logo of a product
  • Torch
  • LED lights
  • Card holders


For builders:








Depending on the level of the executive, it is great to invest in gifting that is of great use to the builders. The general work of an executive is inspection, supervision and hence the items in portable stationery work well like portfolio sets or writing instruments that is useful for onsite work. On the other hand, the sets in DIY kits are also useful for workers.

  • Portfolio sets
  • Folders and conventional card holders
  • T shirts with logo
  • DIY kits
  • Mini home painting colors
  • Sets of kits as brushes or mop cloths


For construction executives and contractors:

The job here is certainly laborious and hence there are several styles in water coolers and sippers. Coffee warmers too will be a good idea. Roomy bags with several tool kit compartments will also be a great gift.  A radio with chargeable battery set will also be appreciated.

  • Handy sippers
  • Large Travel bags
  • Coffee warmers.
  • Messenger bags or carriers
  • Heavy duty boxes for tools
  • Compact music players
  • Music


Expert author Kamakshi Gupte

Corporate Gift Ideas for Customers

Interesting gifts for the corporate sector are always a great way to maintain cordial relationships. The gifts are also the best way to promote a product or create more awareness for a brand. Marketing does come with a cost but with a reliable vendor, economical deals are possible.

The most important thing about corporate products is the quality and innovation. There are special collections in ties as well as cufflinks and you can present a set of writing instruments to the senior management. Customized products are also a facility in order to include a personalized effect in the gifts. A variety of economical gifts is surely available to make it easy on your budget. Good quality and graded items are also seen in premium items related to crystal and silverware.

The choice seems several with many options in:

  • Gift hampers like chocolates and aromatic candles.
  • Silver charms and idols of Gods.
  • Religious paintings and adornments
  • Handicraft items
  • Bags and wallets
  • Select gourmet delights in the home made variety.
  • Outdoor gift items like camping sets
  • Golf kits and other sports needs.

It is refreshing to receive gifts from old ties in the business arena and hence corporate relationships can always be renewed with interesting gifts to improve business associations. Intelligent desktop items too make excellent gifts like dual clocks with international timings, pen holders as well as an organizer.

Simple gifts like a planner or even a smart kit for international travel makes it easy for the customer to identify the respect you show in your association. Smart gifts are also available as ubercool caps, mugs as well T-shirts that are impressive with the logo, message and vibrant colors.

Making airport travel easy, smart planners and diaries are also available with sectioned compartments for visa as well as passport. Author Kamakshi Gupte.

Affordable Gifting solutions for customers and Business Associates :








tie sets








gift set with calculator









gift set with clock









crystal pen stand












Pen gift sets










Roller pen sets




Gift Ideas for Students, Lecturers and Teachers

The idea of gifting is a fabulous way to extend courtesy as well as regards for a person. Gifting for people in eminent and noble professionals like teaching is indeed a privilege.

Gifts can be simple like an acknowledgement or even a citation. The bond between a teacher and student is special and is highlighted when it is expressed with gifts that seem perfect.

Seasonal gifts are also available for Teachers Day and Children’s day events. It is great to find the best items in durable and fabulous items that are made more attractive with excellent packing ideas.




Gifts for teachers are suggested in the following categories:

  • Paper flowers in the decorative sets.
  • A set of glasses and bowls
  • A painting in the ethnic kind
  • Handicraft items
  • Sipper sets in attractive colors
  • Folders with proper compartments
  • Special photo frames along with a class photograph
  • Writing instruments in the best category

Smart gifts for students:

  • Chocolate boxes
  • A set of goody bag
  • Utility items like pouches
  • Lunch boxes
  • Ziplock bags
  • Erases and pens
  • Sports items like caps and gloves
  • Stickers as well as covers for notebooks

A theme-based event can also have a color coordination, which can be brought out with apt eco friendly wrapping papers and suitable gifts. It is easy to order gifts online that are found in economical choices to make it easy and affordable.

Award functions can also have a message engraved in an alarm clock, umbrella or also a cap, which is certainly a good expression. Academic years can turn into pleasant memories, which can be well preserved with the best gifts that are smart, sensitive and express mutual respect between a teacher and a student.

Chocolate Gift Boxes

It is always a delight to send a chocolate box as a gift. Handmade and sugar free chocolates are a part of festive greeting which is perfected with the best craft and intellect from gourmet enthusiasts.

In alluring shapes and designs, chocolates are a perfect gift always. Chocolate boxes can be customized from box manufacturers or it is easy to find entrepreneurs specializing in making creative and colorful boxes across major cities.



Available in take-away-boxes or in eco-friendly tote bags, chocolates are arranged in the most appealing fashion and are also customized for a personalized effect. Neat, compact and stylish packs say it all in an effortless way.

With toppings or simply molded in a perfect flavor and pattern, these will forever be a special gift for all occasions.

Kitchen Appliance Corporate Gifts

Great bulk offers with leading companies will beget discounted items with good quality for corporate houses. Gifting is an important inclusion of valuing patronage and corporate gift dealers are aware of the trends set in corporate gifts.

Kitchen appliances can also start with crockery sets or storage jars that come in dependable protective covers. Quality items in electrical kitchen appliances can also be looked into. Kitchen appliances gifting can be done during Diwali or Xmas which is an usual season to gift employees or associates.

Other kitchen appliances can be the ever useful Roti maker, idli mold or the wonderful shapes in ice trays that is available in the market. The demonstration of the use of the item can be arranged in the company’s lobby for all the employees to make the most of the gift.










Fruit & Vegetable Juicer









3 In 1 Peeler









Fruit basket












Cordless TEA Kettle

Corporate Gifts for Women

corporate gifts for ladies come in a wide range of selection. There are durable products in leather like hand purses, bags, grocery bags and also small pouches for make up essentials. Corporate gifts for ladies can also include a beauty hamper complete with shampoos and hair spa treatments. A simple gift voucher to a leading salon is also an excellent corporate gift for ladies. Wrappings for festive seasons can bring in the pomposity but for general functions a subdued wrapping will be suitable.
Birthday delights coming through corporate management can be a neat pack of chocolates or spices/condiments that is perfect with its wrapping. Ladies bags including lap top bags for executives are treasured by women.

Sunglasses or a twin pack of glares make wonderful corporate gifts. Handicraft items and pearl sets are loved by women. This can include sculpture work in clay, wood or bronze artifacts.



Books on varied subjects are a wonderful gift to ladies. Another idea of gifting can be aromatic items like candles, incense, sticks and room fresheners. Kitchen storage items are naturally liked by all women and corporate logo can be imprinted on cane baskets which can be arranged to present the gift. Flowers, cards and cakes can come as birthday wishes from the corporate team as ladies usually appreciate these items.










Fold able Purse Hangers. These are very helpful when going to a rest room. You can comfortably fix your make-up and these hangers can carry heavy bags of up to 10 kg in weight !


flowers and dried flowers as corporate gifts :Floral gifts are always appreciated by all of us. To include flower in dried form is an innovative idea to celebrate an occasion. A bouquet of flowers is usually liked by the receiver but to make the moment everlasting a collection of exquisite dried flower arrangement can be looked up with the corporate gift suppliers. Exotic flowers of the rare or cultivated variety are also done in dried flower arrangement which can be looked up as a great way of gifting.


Senior Management Corporate Gifts

Gifting the senior management personnel also calls for decorum. It would be nice to seek an appointment to present the gift. In case the company wants to present a gift to the senior management of another company then it is important to hand over the gift personally along with a neat note.

Too much of words in the note or extra wrappings does not talk about corporate behavior and hence a minimal yet neat wrapping seems perfect. A boss gift certainly has to contain an element of decorum. There are several branded corporate gifts for the senior management level of utility value like time branded pens, clocks, golf sets, crystal desktop gifts and also mini photo frames. Presenting the gift is also an art well taken care of the supplier. Gifts here certainly are premium variety and a cost is attached to it. The value is of importance and hence investing in the same is a viable option. Exclusive wood crafted photo frames, laptop bags, executive suitcases, branded stationery in terms of writing instruments can be looked as a senior management option.


Ideas for 10 year award : Corporate gifts : really exclusive in the price range of 7,000 – 10,000 INR. Option to make it personalized with logo is important. A plaque/  or certificate, price range of INR 1,000 are suitable.

Employees in every grade represent their organization when they use products with the company’s logo. Senior management usually fly Executive class throughout the world and hence their accompaniments must spell class. Senior management gives speak about class and gifting here has to be well planned.

Exquisite Chess sets










Show piece Pen stands









Branded Pen sets










  exclusive desk top corporate gifts, crystal corporate gifts etc