Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth has become a synonym for wireless technology nowadays. With Bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets, you can connect numerous devices through a wireless mode. Bluetooth speakers is one such accessory that has gained popularity. You can gift Bluetooth speakers as a corporate or as an individual gift.


Bluetooth speaker is a wireless speaker that can be configured to your smartphone or your tablet and put on your headphones and enjoy music in or out of office. You can even use it for professional meetings if they are to be attended on speaker phones.

Some varieties of Bluetooth speakers also have the facility to deliver music through the Micro-SD card. In such cases you do not need to even configure your cell phone or tablet. Since Bluetooth is independent of brand compatibility, the speakers can be used with any brand of cell phone that has an option of Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth speakers are available in the market from basic to high end models. The high-end models enable the user with various listening and operating options. The speakers are an ideal gift for those who are music lovers and those who prefer or need to attend calls on speakers. The speakers are handy and portable and can be carried anywhere with ease. You can select the speakers as a gift after you study the specification, features and pricing offered by various brands. You need to check the distance for the connectivity range. Bluetooth speakers can be purchased from wholesale dealers of Wireless Speakers in India. You can also search the market of Bluetooth Speaker for wholesale in Mumbai.

We are importers and dealers of Bluetooth speakers India. You can call us for wholesale prices of Bluetooth speakers offered in India. We also offer custom and promotional blue tooth wireless speakers at wholesale rates in India.

Power Bank for Mobiles

Power banks for mobiles can be considered to be one of the best ideas of corporate gifts. It is an items that is useful for the executive class. You can also opt for power bank as an individual gift. If you dear one is someone who needs to travel frequently or is required to attend continuous phone calls, then power bank is an ideal gift.


Power bank is a portable charger which is extremely handy and can be used to charge a mobile even in the car. You can carry the power bank in your purse or your handbag too. Nowadays most of the business class uses Blackberry, iPhones or other smartphones, and they need to be on professional calls and chats most of the time. As a result the draining of battery at the wrong time can cause inconvenience.

A power bank is extremely useful on such occasions where a person can charge the phone and get back to business.

A Power bank needs to be selected based on the specifications of the battery and charger specifications of the cell phone. If you are selecting it as a  gift, you can select the appropriate one if you know the brand of the cell phone that the person uses. Some power banks are versatile and can be used for charging tablets and digital cameras as well.

There are several varieties in power banks and the latest ones are slim and trendy. You can customize the power bank by getting the logo of your company or the list of your services engraved on it. You can gift these to your clients and it will help you as a promotion strategy.

Call us for a catalog of power bank displaying the wholesale prices in India. We are suppliers and dealers for bulk portable chargers in India. We provide latest portable chargers for smartphones, tablets, iPhones and other products. You can contact us to inquire about wholesale portable chargers rates in Mumbai.

Corporate gifts above Rs.3000

The effective marketing strategy always includes corporate gifting and it is appropriate to include gifts to senior management as when the occasion requires. Here you can find a range of items in branded leather products like passport holders, wallets, tote bags and laptop bags. You can find innovative items in wine bottle hampers, cosmetic collection, travel bags, trolley sets for travel and crockery or glassware sets, tea sets. Crystal has always been an exclusive gift and you can try idols, figurines, trophies and wall mounted gifts in this range. Pearl sets are also a good gift. Plaques in wood resembling ethnic ideas and traditional or bronze lamps are also great gifts.



Original swarovski pens – crystalline ball point pen, set of 2 pens – code: sc-apgr


Original swarovski – crystalline USB & ball point pen, White Pearl  . code:  sc-apgr



 OM (Deluxe Version)- Mini oval Base with Clock 








Product Code : [ U0419-102-GRE01 ] sc-fus- Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals

 OM (Deluxe Version)- Visiting Card Holder 









Product Code : [ U0418-059-GRE ] sc-fus. Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS


 Mini Pony oval base with Clock-with colored crystals.   









made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals-Product Code : [ U0316-126-GBL01 ]-sc-fus

 Heart & Tulips Rotating Clock 









Product Code : [ U0333-146-GMX01 ]-made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals


 Vintage Car with Clock-Product Code : [ U0090-045-GT001 ]-sc-fus 









Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals.










Three Tulips in Crystal Vase- Pen Set small with Black Pen- Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals. Product Code : [ U0212-171-GM1 ] sc-fus



  Made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS CrystalsSailboat- Pen Set large with Black Pen -Product Code : [ U0047-172-GGX ]- sc-fus  made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS Crystals 








Golf Bag- Deluxe Oval B Product Code – U0060-171-GA1-sc-fus

Corporate gifts for Rs.1000 to Rs.3000 in India

Trolley bags, travel bags, laptop wheeled bags are the best way to encourage branding of your product. As a promotional program, too you can embark on bags in a big way as they are widely used and carried.

It is interesting to note that best quality items are seen in sports wear like watches, golf kits, perfumes, branded T-shirts and Gym wear collections. Personalization is the key need and you can present it in an interesting fashion. Spa kits, Swiss knife kits, sleeping bags or hold all are innovative ideas here. Designer leather collections like wallets and purses are also included in this range.

Click on Pictures to enlarge them.

Royal Desktop Gift – sc W  

LED art frame










Peacock Stand – Product Code [ U0044-001-GM1 ]-sc-fus made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals.









Antique Scale- Clock  .Product Code : [ U0320-045-GGT01 ] -sc-fus . Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals


Portable USB Speakers

Mobile Wooden Speaker SU-02: Portable SD /MMC Card/USB /Mobile Wooden Speaker SU-02 Features : Remote control Suitable for MP3,MP4,computer,mobile phone,iPod,PDA and MDA.Can read MP3 and WMA music files in MMC/SD card/ and USB movable disk Power supply:computer or AC adapter (5V/1000mA) Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery. 




 Mini USB Stereo Speaker K06: 1.8″ LCD Mini Music Stereo Speaker with a remote control with SD/MMC/USB Card Reader, FM radio and Remote Controlrechargeable battery. Excellent acoustics with ultra-low noise digital effects.SD/MMC card slot, 3.5mm standard audio jack, USB port, listen to music from your USB drive, i Phone, iPad, MP3 player, memory card.

Corporate gifts for Rs.600 to Rs.1000 in India

Interesting gifts can be arranged in this range for corporate gifts. The best is about the quality and the engraving that sends an appropriate message to the create awareness. Luxury gifts and Quality products are seen in backpacks, windcheaters, branded umbrellas, handicraft items, hand made jewelry sets, special bags for rain wear and kitchenware items. Glass sets, bowls or even stainless items can be easily packed and presented admirably to corporate clients. Other gifts can include desktop accessories like planners, alarm world clocks and figurines or idols in sandalwood or woodwork. Tumbler sets, Sippers,leak proof lunch boxes and leather cases are also great gifts.


Below Corporate Gift ideas – from Rs 600 to Rs 1,000



 Luminara Candles –  Flameless candles are exquisite to adorn your rooms

























USB car chargers – universal chargers
6 Connectors: Nokia, mini USB, micro USB type A, micro USB type B,Samsung G600 and Samsung D900. Comes with 1 meter USB connector cable- with LED backllights. Code sc-bch





Corporate gifts for Rs.300 to Rs.600 in India

Stylish travel bags and accessories for an overnight travel can easily be budgeted in this range. You can find the best styles in corporate gifting in chocolate hampers, cheese packs, soft drink sets and and tetra pack hampers.

Depending on the occasion, you can have corporate gifts under rs 400 or rs 500 in India which include photo frames, tool kits and special ethnic styles in bags. Massagers, pen drives and USB flash drives are also special gifts. Classy hues in T-shirts, gym wear and accessories for sportswear are also common representations of utility items used for corporate branding and promotion. Other sets in coffee mugs and packs of confectionary are also great items. Memory cards are also great gifts.

Corporate Diwali Gifting Options : If client’s budget for the corporate gift is in the range of Rs.500 per piece, the following gifts are suggested.  1) Leather Wallet ( Male/Female) .  2) Sweet Box Varieties  3)Traveler bag options 4)branded pens.






World time clocks






























 Pen shaped Pen drive with a pen !  








 Disclaimer : Some Products on the page MAY not be within Rs 600. Please call us for accurate pricing. etc


Corporate gifts for Rs.100 to Rs.300 in India

Gifts related to special budgets are easily available in shops. The shipping can be arranged too. The gifts include jute bags, non-woven variety pouches, vibrant colors in eco friendly ethnic bags and smart purses for women and men.

For Corporate Gifts within Rs100 – 200 range, you can also include camp and trekking items like thermos flask, bottle sets, tool kits and desktop items in stationery like writing pads, sets off coffee mugs, coasters, writing instruments and mouse pads. The utility must be high so that the receiver retains it for a long time. The brand name on the same will surely work as the best advertising campaign.





PENS and pen sets  crystal gift pens


























Kaleidoscope. sc-vmt
















 Color changing magic mugs  color inside mug with spoon


 Digital clock with pen stand  water clock



   LED Reading Light-sc-pc




   key chain with clock



  9 LED Torch Light by HOT TIPS-sc-ios





Note: Corporate Gift Prices are indicative only and may not correspond to actual prices.

Corporate gifts within Rs 100 in India

Economy range and pricing helps a new company to embark its product wisely while distributing corporate gifts. You can have a simple range of items like caps, paper weights with branding, pen sets, alarm clock, coffee mugs or a glass cased set of quotes. Other gifts can include water bottle sets, lunch boxes and a new set of plastic folders.

More ideas for budgeted corporate gifting can include sling bags for travel, desktop accessories like paperweight, stationery items and scribble pads. The branding makes a lot of difference and you can inquire for more details. Stylish set of writing instruments cased in adorable wrapping also make a unique presentation.

Corporate gifts for rs.100 and below :






Key chains and visiting card holders are popular corporate gifts under rs 100












Note: Corporate Gift Prices are indicative only and may not correspond to actual prices.


Corporate Gifts @ rs.50 and below

Most times elegance in corporate gifts works with economical items that are packaged wisely. A new product launched by your company or a variant can easily be influenced with a promotional gift in the likes of economical items below Rs 50/-.

These include simple items like mousepads, elegant pen stands, plastic mobile holders, card holders for visiting cards and also stylish purses and other desk top items like photo frames and paper weights. A style of presentation is certainly required and the best etiquette to present the items for an event, seminar or even in the office makes a lot of difference.

Other interesting items for corporate gifts under 50 rs are:

  • Key chains
  • Card holders
  • Pouches in the eco friendly range
  • Torches
  • Folders
  • Passport holders
  • Writing instruments




Pads are useful corporate gifts under rs 50














Pen with all details of your visiting card printed !






Unique items include the range in writing instruments and the styles in pens as well as ranges in desktop items. Photo frames have always been a useful gift. Engraved with the logo the paperweight is another useful item. Efficient and good quality torches are always a favorite gift item. It is great to invest in key chains in the plastic or even wood variety. Ideally, bulk purchases will always be helpful to reap in the benefits of economical variety. Gracefully packed, the items certainly represent the perfect idea of gifting.

More styles are seen in folders like plastics or even the passport holders are a good item. Unique styles in visiting card holders or desktop styled wooden card cases are certainly important. Pouches are always useful and you can see them as coin purses, currency pouches required for air travel and the regular wallets for men. Interesting ideas for office use like a stationery rack in plastics or additional cases for stationery items are always useful to maintain orderliness for the desk.