Conference Kits, Folders and Bags for Tradeshow conferences, Corporate Events and Dealers Meets gifting

Designer styles in conference bags and kits are now in vogue. Adding a professional touch, the best designs are available in satchels, messenger bags and also pouches in the branded forms of leather. Unique appeal is granted with best details like buckles, Velcro finishing and slings. The handles are durable and offer a perfect make in quality and style.

Engraving the bags with a seal in metal or logo is just easy now with new technology that assures aesthetics and formal ideas to promote a product or service. The supreme quality in the goods manufactured is surely a delight to present it to esteemed corporate clients.

There are unique ideas in colors, details and utility for conference bags, folders and kits :

  • Kits seem great for a conference and they are possible in the cloth covers that are formal and eco-friendly.
  • The best bags are the ones that are spacious with enough room and appeal to suit the needs of the officials.
  • New folders for seminars and conferences are available in plastics as well as ethnic blend of items in jute as well as cloth.
  • Zipper aided conference bags akin to a folder are also available and this assures utility with good quality standards.
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handicraft conference folders







Jute Conference folders










Elephant in marble with 22 caret gold work – excellent gifts for foreign delegates visiting India.