Corporate Gifts India

In India, Promotional gifts are common during festive occasions like Diwali, it is customary to regard corporate alliances.

Corporate gifts depend upon on the seniority level and should be chosen carefully. Gifts for formal events need to be chosen carefully. There are different styles of presenting the gift in velvet cases or interesting wrappers. Promotional T-shirts, Key chains, Mugs, Trolley bags, Caps, Awards, Trophies, Mementoe are most common in corporate gifting in India.

Business Gifts are generally placed for order in bulk quantities. This makes the manufacturing easy and hence it is easy for the supplier to strike off the deal at a lower value. Pen holders, telephone diaries, mini card holders are some of the gifting ideas which can enhance the product value by logo marking.

Often many companies go in for retail products that are accompanied by sale gimmicks. Though not generally belonging to the corporate category these items also can have lot of brand value.

Corporate gifts can also be the exclusive kind or premier gifts catering to senior management gifts, in house felicitation and also special gifts for foreign delegates visiting the company. These kind of mementoes are highly esteemed by the receiver and also speak of a formal standard.