Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

It is quite common for corporate to include new ideas in gifts which are eco friendly. They are usable and also friendly with nature. The best part about gifting conveys a message of respect and regard. Suitable gifts must always be a priority. There are several gifts in the eco-friendly range that can be procured in bulk to suit your promotional needs. The top quality products in this variety come in a array of designs and style that will greatly suit your need.

Eco friendly gifts include the best in following items :

  • Key chains, eco-friendly pen drives
  • Jute bags and pouches
  • Cloth variety folders
  • Phone holders
  • Wooden cases as card holders
  • Eco friendly photo frames
  • Recycled Paper sets
  • Stationery as travel pack

Whether it is keychains or cases for pen drives, the eco friendly variety is an excellent gift item. There are jute as well as cloth bags and folders too. Several jute pouches for mobiles and wood mobile holders are made of recyclable wood. Photo frames in wood are great too. It is excellent to gift sets in stationery, padfolios as well as recycled note pads that makes your travel plan very easy.






Dried flowers : Gifts in dried flowers come in beautiful cases that protect the flowers from external influence thereby giving it more longetivity. The dried flower case can come in beautiful cases in glass or silver ware as per the budget of the company. Roses of various varieties come in dried flowers along with pine, cones or other grasses that can be captured in dried concept. Pendants are also encased with dry flowers to make unique accessories.

Organic and dried flowers can be found as an exclusive way of gifting along with a bottle of essential flowers or fragrant candles. This is an unique gift and hence will be a wonderful way to initiate in the corporate gift section. Buds, petals and sticks can also be assorted to influence aesthetic sense in the receiver.