Corporate Gifts are a great way of expressing the right message to the right people at right time. Corporate gifts can be used to convey the message of employee loyalty, employee appreciation, encouragement, inspiration within the Company. It can be an ideal way of creating awareness about the products and services of the company, while also reminding a client how important they are to the company and showing appreciation towards the clients continued support in delivering projects. It also provides a platform to renew relations and build new relations and a note to the client that they are important to the company, always making feel special to your Employees. Productivity will increase automatically when they will feel appreciated for what they have done.

A Corporate Gift Items can include things like keychains, diaries, notepads, calendars, Pens, Headphone, Notebook with Pencil case, Power bank with visiting card holder, Sunglasses, smart band, selfie speaker, multifunctional clock speaker, multifunctional music torch with power bank, magnetic sports stereo headphones with neck bank, Earpods, desk lamp, Jewellery, home and electrical appliances anything from small to big gift etc. These are the items that are usually presented as corporate gifts by most companies depending upon the relationship they share and gift accordingly. But it can be anything that can represent their products or services as well. These are also depended upon the target audience to whom it is given.

Imprinted corporate gifts and promotional products will leave a long-lasting impression. A unique corporate gift personalized or branded with your company logo or business message will carry your brand for a lifetime and be remembered by most. Corporate Gifting could include Intangible business gifts, like vacations and cruises, which are currently a major portion of company gift-giving. They could also be vouchers, Personalized Corporate gifts, publically recognition and Bonus for Employee Rewards.

Valuable item offered while not an obligation to choose recipients by a firm’s representative, as associate degree expression of appreciation or goodwill.

The sky is not the limit as far as the business of corporate gifting is concerned. The demand is extremely high and is not impacted by the recession at all.

What are corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts are those that are given by any business or company to customers, people or associates that are employed with them. Corporate gifts are a way of creating an image of the company and sending out a message to the customers or clients giving them a hint of the company policy vision or standards. It can also be a means of creating or enhancing the goodwill of the company. It is one of the most effective marketing tools and can be efficiently used for sales promotion and marketing communication which can be used both within and outside the company.

Why are corporate gifts important?

Successful client relationships can include numerous factors, but one of the overlooked methods of showing your preferred clients that you care to send them a gift – a present you know will mean something to them. Gone are the days where only a thank-you card/bouquet or phone call was the preference now it’s expressed via gifting. Corporate Gifting bridges the gap it makes you feel how close and important you are or could be. Sending personalized gifting recreates on the logo and reinforces on the brand. The gift enables the target audience to come back and creates an importunity on discussing regarding the business. Today when the audience is happy the business will also be happy and do more good which is a hand to hand relation. Chances are, you aren’t the only business your client works with, but gifting may help you be their favourite. People do business with those they know and like. Sending a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to distinguish your business as a preferred partner.

Who buys corporate gifts in India?

Corporate gifting in India is growing year by year as most companies understand its importance. Corporate Gifts are usually considered by the Marketing Group of Companies, Sales Manager and Sales Team of certain companies, the major authority to deal with corporate gifts in India lies with the Marketing and Sales Team. Client handler or coordinator also considers in buying gifts for the Clients. While the company related, in-house gifting is done by the Board of directors, CEO and Account Handlers.

What are good corporate gifts?

Corporate gifting targets the audience which could be divided into Existing Customers, Potential customers, lapsed customers, clients, Employees, Suppliers and buyers, Visitors, administration staff, peons, Board of directors and CEO – higher authority.

Therefore no Gifting is good or bad depending on the target audience. Example Gifting a Flower vase would suit the Employee and not the Suppliers, therefore, it is a good gift for the Employee and not Suitable for Suppliers.

However certain gifts which are considered good and in demand or seek attention could be : Desk items, Computer accessories, gadgets, Jewellery, watches /clocks/alarms, Speakers, fitness gadgets, clothing items, artistic items, Hampers, food items, alcohol, Air miles, Travel- Flights or holiday destination stay at the hotel, business trips, restaurant voucher, retail vouchers, accommodation. Gifts could be anything from small to big creating value and impact as per the target audience.

Where to buy corporate gifts in India?

Gifts should be brought from places which creates a long-lasting impression and experience even more valuable and memorable which ensures that your brand and gesture resonate with your clients & business associate.

Places could include not limiting to Blissket, Draft 4 all, Engrave, Zokudo – EGifting portal, Custom shapes, Business Gifts, Xech which includes all high dimensional gadgets having many under one roof creating higher value, Chumabak, Gaatha, The fourth dimension, Avni Enterprise Corporate gifting solutions.

Also, references and Internet gives you wide search for corporate gifting which is not limited to above however, these are few best all over India from where one can consider.

What’s new in corporate gifts 2018?

One best corporate gifting method is giving a Sodexo card which has tie up to various brands and outlets a mix of everything from which one can choose to decide and use as per one’s wish and convenience.

Few other include Bluetooth Speaker, backpack, desk lamp, Wireless charging mousepad, Wireless Headphones and stereo phone, Steel bottle with insulation, Wireless chargers with torch inbuilt and many more.

What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

Some of the best Employee corporate gift could be relishing with sweet tooth like gummies, dark or white chocolates of high and exotic brands as suave last better than traditional sweets and are appealing in packaging, Tumblers, Leather accessories, Sunglasses, fitness bands, power banks with multiple features, Sodexo gift card.

How to sell or market corporate gifts to companies?

Selling corporate gifts to companies is more of a competition rather than an art. Everyone in the market dealing with corporate gifts want to have clients who have never dealt with before. Therefore there are certain things to keep in mind and consider.

First try to find the structure of the organisation and figure out who takes the decisions (marketing /purchase department, corporate communication section.) When you reach the decision maker you can put across your proposal. Before meeting them you could send them a short presentation of the advantages of gifting, what to gift, who to gift, what to gift, how to budget and networking of clients/partners.

Creating a database of customers for potential and future nurturing.

Nurturing of leads till they are ripe to be handed over to sales.

Score leads as per quality based on customer requirements, demographics and potential value.

Handing over the leads to the concerned person/sales team with all relevant information.

Evaluate leads that have been passed on to sales to improve and adjust as per company guidelines.

With increasing demand, comes the need for innovative design whilst designing gifts, the Indian culture must be kept in mind.

You could also make an attractive catalogue of your products. Create a Soft Copy for demonstration purpose. Collect addresses of potential customers from the Commerce association or industry association which lists the listed companies, Make telephone calls to fix appointments and then make a direct presentation. Request references from Companies giving large orders and follow up.

Consider having E-portal sites for the client/company to browse and view the wide variety of products.

There has been an upward demand for designer and customised products, therefore having the stock accordingly or knowledge for the same to create is important.

Giving a gift, after all, is all about igniting their customers’ desire of having the gift to achieve marketing objectives. Therefore, it is important to create value, rather than reducing the cost by mass production.

Years later or after one successful year of a built relationship with the company, contact past customers/clients first in order to follow up or arrange for the contract and requirements.

Also considering the market before the companies are important when the market is doing good, Companies are bound to do best. Therefore remember the Economy. Don’t make expensive items for sale in a lean year. Push relatively more pricey but prestigious looking items during boom years.

Cities and States having a good crowd of the commercial crowd and emerging market for corporate gifting is considered a  home to some of the leading organisations in the country which are new to the concept of Corporate gifting, therefore it is essential to know your potential markets as well.

When the potential market and customer is known and their demand or choice for gifting is known considering their background company exactly knowing what they want they shall be ready to pay the right price for it.

When it comes to Corporate gifting, the customer is a god, therefore it is essential to please the customers. Knowledge of hottest selling products and trends is important when you deal on the front end with companies/clients.

Corporate gifts to clients – Certain gifting however not limited to could include Professional Notebooks/Diaries with pen drive slot and pen holder, Coffee or Tea blends, Calendars, Coffee table book, toiletry kit, Portable phone charger, portable power banks, Custom water bottle, magic mugs customised, Air purifiers.

Corporate gifts to CEO– Designs’ products for corporate gifting ranges from tableware to bar accessories to home décor and desktop accessories among many.

Corporate gifts to Customers– Health Snacks hamper, Kit consisting Leather case, diary, keychain and pen, Power banks.

Corporate gifts for Women’s day– Elegant Tote bag, Manicure and Pedicure Kit along with keychain, Feminine gift hamper, Watch, Diary with pen holder and pen drive slot, fitness band, Exotic spices and herbs hamper.

Corporate gifts for Conference– Leather case holders, Power banks with visiting card holders, Pen set.

Corporate gifts for Exhibitions– Customized bags, recyclable material bags, clutch, Visiting card holder, imitation jewellery,

Corporate gifts for board members– Digital Wooden clock with multifunctional Specialities, pen laser, Yoga mats, healthy snack items, corporate message fortune cookie

Corporate gifts for architects– Passport holder, mobile ring, Tech organizer, Building block architectural set, advanced laser measure tool with Bluetooth, drafting pencil, cuff links, Leather laptop bag carrying architectural essential in style

Corporate gifts for the board of directors-collectable like silver plated idols of gods and goddesses as -well as silver plated gifting items like miniature golf kits, wine glasses, horse figurines, cufflinks.

Corporate gifts for teachers–  message in a bottle with pen drive slot, perfumes, customized cool sweatshirts, Karaoke mic along with the speaker, Personalized message prize trophy, Mobile holder with Pen and pencil stand,

Corporate gifts for students– torch with speaker, a diary with pen drive slot, lazy reader bag, customized cool sweatshirts, wooden clock with speakers.

Corporate gifts employees ideas – message in a bottle with pen drive slot, Tech organizer, mobile phone charger holding clips,

Corporate gifts for the boss-Passport holder, Universal waistband with bottle, towel holder and mobile holder, Wooden hinge clock with LED Display speaker, Organic fresh fruits and dry fruit kit, Personalized Golf balls, Watch set

Corporate gifts for doctors– Passport holder, mobile holder ring, power bank with visiting card slot, exotic flowers,

Corporate gifts for Diwali– Hanging Lamp Speaker, colour changing flower pot with Speaker, desk lamp with speaker, home appliance, brass diya sets, Laxmi and Ganesh silver coin set, Gift cards.

Corporate gifts for top executives– Passport holder, Gold coin, silver coin, LCD E-Writer, long-term travel kit bag, Compass, Headphones.

Corporate gifts for pharmaceutical companies– Bluetooth audio backpack speaker, Tech organizer, Pen drive, magnifiers, Steel table tops.

Ideas for corporate gifts for employees in India – Corporate gifts for Employees in India could be ranging anything and everything in their daily life personally and professionally like pertaining to health -Universal armband, Universal waistband, Home decor-Digital photo frame, -corporate and home use – Video brochure, office and home use –Power bank with dual ports, Port charger with mobile stand, magnetic cable with type c, micro and lighting Smartwatch,

The above ideas could be and more not limiting to the above variation is possible in case of demand, requirement, choice, fashion and trend.