Personalized corporate gifts

Get personalized corporate gifts matching to your company branding. Match the corporate gift items with either the product or the service theme or utility or color. Furthermore, in order to enhance the corporate feeling, personalize the gift item with an inspirational message that matches to your aim or vision.

Personalized gifts are much more than a gift item; they are a wholesome experience from within. Select from different material they are made of, different colors and hues used, different shapes and sizes. We can provide you with custom made corporate gift ideas, on-demand.



Research has proven that personalized business gifts help in reinforcing the brand identity in the mind of customers. This fact applies to internal customers (employees) and external customers (clients and business associates), both. Moreover, including the name of the person, multiplies the magnitude of connection between the two.

How to Personalize a gift ? Personalizing a gift adds more meaning to the event. Photo mugs can be personalized. There are innovative ideas in which the name of the employee can appear on the writing instruments and this makes gifting effective. Standard birthday cards to go along with a box of chocolates are a wonderful way of personalized gifting for all employees in corporate structure. A Thank you note for a deserving client or senior management who is leaving makes the gift more personalized.


Other casual gifts can be a personalized T shirt or key chain. Personalized note or a letter from the management for congratulating an employee is also a wonderful way to acknowledge the importance of the employee.


Popular ideas for personalized corporate gifts include :
Pocket Diaries
General Diaries
Desktops Calendars/ organizers
Caps / T shirts
Coffee Mugs
Pocket Knives (Victronix)
Paper Cubes
Passport travel pouches
Trolley travel bag
Misc. Desktop stationary