Trophies in metal as well as wood are widely accepted in the corporate circle. Engraved with a message or a citing, trophies and medals are surely a great way to enhance the team’s effort or recognize the effort of your support staff. Customizing the trophies can easily be done with engraving and sizes too can be arranged for. Trophies combined with a desktop item or a clock is also popular as corporate gifts. New styles are also seen in crystal trophies that can be used as a desktop item.

Laminated and gold trimmed certificates on glass are also getting more famous. It is wonderful to greet your staff into a new office with trophies and recognition certificates for their past year’s performance. For grand functions, workshops as well as seminars, the best in acrylic styles of trophies along with logo is now available in various sizes. Ordering a trophy online is also an easy option.



Awards, certificates, Plaques, medals, and Trophies come in unique shapes and sizes.

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Corporate Gifts Awards

Rewarding employees is a huge part of any Human Resource program. Suitable awards and merit certificates is a wonderful idea to improve the esteem of deserving employees. Gifts awards as an acknowledgement of their service  can be inked in gold or silver. Common in this field of gifting include Awards, Trophies, Medals, Badges, etc

Wooden carvings with a special note of appreciation or a deserving title are also a good idea. Silver trophies embedded in glass or fiber is a wonderful eye-catchy gift. Accolades and badges are also great gifts. Engraved plaques are also excellent and you can have your dimensions specified.

Standard sizes in corporate gifts awards and trophies are available in wood and metal award gifts but you can have it customized too. Companies are also going for marble frames in awards that are truly interesting.

Personalized crystal gifts can be worked out as corporate awards. There are regular awards that can be framed in a wooden setting of the ornamental kind. Crystal awards are excellent and have the appeal of elegance. The shapes like oval or semicircle with a 3 D effect is indeed adorable.

Certificates or citations are also a good idea especially during a conference or a seminar. The durable quality and charm of acrylic awards is a great idea too. Presented as an eagle trophy, the awards are of durable quality.