Corporate gifts above Rs.3000

The effective marketing strategy always includes corporate gifting and it is appropriate to include gifts to senior management as when the occasion requires. Here you can find a range of items in branded leather products like passport holders, wallets, tote bags and laptop bags. You can find innovative items in wine bottle hampers, cosmetic collection, travel bags, trolley sets for travel and crockery or glassware sets, tea sets. Crystal has always been an exclusive gift and you can try idols, figurines, trophies and wall mounted gifts in this range. Pearl sets are also a good gift. Plaques in wood resembling ethnic ideas and traditional or bronze lamps are also great gifts.



Original swarovski pens – crystalline ball point pen, set of 2 pens – code: sc-apgr


Original swarovski – crystalline USB & ball point pen, White Pearl  . code:  sc-apgr



 OM (Deluxe Version)- Mini oval Base with Clock 








Product Code : [ U0419-102-GRE01 ] sc-fus- Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals

 OM (Deluxe Version)- Visiting Card Holder 









Product Code : [ U0418-059-GRE ] sc-fus. Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS


 Mini Pony oval base with Clock-with colored crystals.   









made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals-Product Code : [ U0316-126-GBL01 ]-sc-fus

 Heart & Tulips Rotating Clock 









Product Code : [ U0333-146-GMX01 ]-made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals


 Vintage Car with Clock-Product Code : [ U0090-045-GT001 ]-sc-fus 









Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals.










Three Tulips in Crystal Vase- Pen Set small with Black Pen- Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals. Product Code : [ U0212-171-GM1 ] sc-fus



  Made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS CrystalsSailboat- Pen Set large with Black Pen -Product Code : [ U0047-172-GGX ]- sc-fus  made with SWAROVSKI®ELEMENTS Crystals 








Golf Bag- Deluxe Oval B Product Code – U0060-171-GA1-sc-fus