Top 5 New Corporate Gifts for Diwali 2017

Diwali is the occasion that calls for celebrations and gifts. The search for personal and professional gifts gets geared up and with loads of varieties in the market, selecting a gift seems to get more confusing. In case of corporate gifts, the choice is important as you want the best to impress your clientele or you may want to make your employees happy. Other than a festive occasion, it is an opportunity to create and cherish business relations. As a result, selecting the best gift for Diwali for your business professionals becomes important. We help you make this choice easy from the wide range of items.

Our range of impressive, innovate utility corporate gifts help you with your choice and your budget.

Following are the options within which you can find huge varieties:

  1. Pendrives: This is one of the accessory that is widely used by professionals. The need to transfer your data and carry it along is always there. There are numerous varieties of custom flash drives, pen drives that are attractive, light-weight and portable. These corporate gifting usb flash drives come in various makes like wood, metal and so on. They occur in various shapes like diaries, visiting cards, wrist bands and many more. You can select the storage capacity that you want and even get them customized with your brand name and logo. Worth mentioning are the OTG drives that are in trend today.
  2. Digital frames/brochures: Video is the most appealing way to stay in touch. Digital frames are one of the best gift option. This can be used in office or for personal use. An on-going digital display of your memories is one of the best gifts you can get. Digital brochures are in trend today. Hard copies of brochures are usually circulated in business circles and so are they available online. However, a digital brochure remains displayed on your office desk and is the best way of marketing. We offer a range of varieties in these items and you can also get them customized as well.
  3. Power items: No professional can do without items related to computers and laptops. There is a long list of power related items from which you can make your choice:
  • Power banks: These are of great help to charge devices like mobile, laptop, iPad and so on while you are on the go. With huge varieties in shapes, sizes, capacity and prices, you can make your choice to gift them to employees or customers.
  • Memory cards and card holders: Memory cards for mobiles and cameras have become a necessity today. SD cards, micro-cards with various storage capacities are always in demand and used commonly by all. Based on your requirement, you can select the type and specifications of the cards and they will be a great and useful gift for your customers.
  • Digital Organizer: A planner or organizer is a must for every professional. The digital organizer is easy to carry, note down the important points or the schedule that you need and save it for future. The organizer also has the provision to charge your mobile! Thus, it is a two in one item that is extremely useful.
  1. Speakers and Headphones: Portable speakers are popular among all the age groups and are also useful for professionals. They also occur in ranges of prices, shapes, brands, sizes and makes. You can gift an attractive speaker that can be used to listen music as well as attend meetings.

Headphones: Professionals working on laptops use headphones for sure. It may be just to listen to music or connect to calls and meetings on skype. Headphones therefore constitute an important gift. Moreover, they can be used for personal purpose as well. Wired and Bluetooth headphones, earphones with various interesting specifications are attractive. They are a popular gift item and you can select and customize the varieties as per your requirement.

  1. Accessory Items: If you do not want to get into digital or technology items, you can select from a wide range of useful accessory items as well. From backpacks to pouches of various types and from fidget spinners to organizers, you have endless varieties of items that you can select, customize and gift your employees and clients. These accessories can again be used for personal as well as professional use.

There are various sizes, colors, shapes and multipurpose designs that you can make your choice from. These utility items are a great idea to gift.


Other than the 5 items listed above, We offer many more items and varieties in each category. You can make your choice and contact us to purchase these attractive gifts for Diwali.


Corporate gifts for IT company

For the busy IT professional, there are several innovative gifts, which can be arranged.
Professionals, who are travelling, need a lot of compactness in their utility items. There are many
ideas in desktop accessories too. Smart and professional gifts are always available with the best
ideas in wrapping. It is certainly great to find new and economical gifts catered for employees
in the IT sector.

The employee of the week program is also a suitable time to award the special
employee with a gift. Modest as well as luxurious gifts are available depending on the event or

The gifts here include:

  • Trolley bags for laptops.
  • Desktop requirements like pen holders, mobile charges and compact clocks.
  • Planners and travel clocks.
  • Space saving pouches and kits.
  • Mouse pads and I pad covers.
  • Eco friendly jute products
  • Credit Card pen drives
  • card holders






Jute laptop Bag

Eco friendly Jute Products for corporate gifts reflects your concern for environment.



Trolley bags seem perfect for laptops especially when one has to shuttle between flights and a
lot of travel. They make travelling safe and are lightweight. A cluttered desk is a strict no-no.

Desktop accessories like clocks or even pen holders add more style and organized culture to your
workdays. Mobile charges in the portable variety are unique and come in formal colors that suit a
busy decorum and business needs.


Planners too in the compact and foldable variety are a perfect gift. More convenience is seen in the pouches for travel as well as complementary kits that is great for a professional who spends a lot of time on travelling. Utility mouse pads as well as Jute Ipad covers and Ipad cases are also a must for an IT personnel and suits their needs.


Other useful corporate gift ideas for BPOs, Call centers and IT companies employees :


Card holder



Digital clocks



Credit Card Pen Drive