Corporate Gifts @ rs.50 and below

Most times elegance in corporate gifts works with economical items that are packaged wisely. A new product launched by your company or a variant can easily be influenced with a promotional gift in the likes of economical items below Rs 50/-.

These include simple items like mousepads, elegant pen stands, plastic mobile holders, card holders for visiting cards and also stylish purses and other desk top items like photo frames and paper weights. A style of presentation is certainly required and the best etiquette to present the items for an event, seminar or even in the office makes a lot of difference.

Other interesting items for corporate gifts under 50 rs are:

  • Key chains
  • Card holders
  • Pouches in the eco friendly range
  • Torches
  • Folders
  • Passport holders
  • Writing instruments




Pads are useful corporate gifts under rs 50














Pen with all details of your visiting card printed !






Unique items include the range in writing instruments and the styles in pens as well as ranges in desktop items. Photo frames have always been a useful gift. Engraved with the logo the paperweight is another useful item. Efficient and good quality torches are always a favorite gift item. It is great to invest in key chains in the plastic or even wood variety. Ideally, bulk purchases will always be helpful to reap in the benefits of economical variety. Gracefully packed, the items certainly represent the perfect idea of gifting.

More styles are seen in folders like plastics or even the passport holders are a good item. Unique styles in visiting card holders or desktop styled wooden card cases are certainly important. Pouches are always useful and you can see them as coin purses, currency pouches required for air travel and the regular wallets for men. Interesting ideas for office use like a stationery rack in plastics or additional cases for stationery items are always useful to maintain orderliness for the desk.