Dry Fruits Boxes and Hampers for Diwali Gifting

With the season getting more festive, there are enchanting gifts available for all sorts of gifting. One of the most traditional and valuable gifts are dry fruits. Modern packaging, style and trends are now conceptualized with new packaging ideas including special branded cases, hampers and containers, which can be re-used later.

Full of utility and packed with lot of goodness, dry fruits are assorted and presented in a formal style. Roasted nuts, large cashew nuts and the best in seedless dates are a part of gift hampers when it comes to dry fruits. Amazing sets with personalized effects in attractive crates, large plastic or glass bowls and tin boxes makes the gifts very interesting.

It is also now customary to blend the idea of dry fruits gifting for special occasions like Diwali and this extends a feeling of mutual respect and well being. Also, this is also the best way to convey the admiration and respect you have for your esteemed clients.

Gifts to employees too is now easy with baskets in wicker that are well decorated with the best alluring satin bows, traditional stickers and placed in an artistic fashion. Good quality imported pistachios, raisins and a variety of dry fruits are also the best idea to promote good health and wish success to your loved ones. Author Kamakshi Gupte.


Gift tags for gift hampers:

The USP of gift tags are they allow you to insert the business cards in slits thus making it very easy to attach.

One can even write their personal message on it if they choose to do so.
These tags are made from 240gsm gold card paper with foil printing and quilled diya and compliment your hampers very well.