Corporate Events and gifts

Events are the best way to collaborate and build business relationships. Utility items as well as extravagant items are also gifted as per the occasion or as per the theme behind the event.

The events are largely about collaboration and awareness programs, which are enabled with tangible items like gifts in the economical as well as luxurious range. The grade and position of the professional matters while extending event giveaways.






Eco friendly gifts for corporate events



Smart economical corporate event giveaways can include :

  • Jute Folders and organizers.
  • Wallets and pens.
  • Caps, T shirts and sun shades.

The best styles in folders and organizers are always used by busy executives. The compartments
are wisely crafted to suit the official needs of individuals. Pens and wallets are seem a great
gift and are high on utility. Simple and colorful T-shirts and caps can be used to send more
awareness of the product by engraving the brand name.

Luxurious gifts, promotional giveaway items and trade show giveaways can include premium items like :

  • Audio phones and Mobiles.
  • Laptop bags and Travel bags.
  • Premium trolley bags / executive bags.
  • Premium handcrafted items.

Phone and mobiles in the sleekest variety and gadgets are a great choice for senior people.
Other gifts include the bags for travel and special laptop bags for handy items. Trolley bags are
always useful for travel and the wheeled bags for laptops are also a popular choice.

To make the occasion memorable, it is desired to have the best gifts that is branded with the logo and message
of a new product or theme or can be smartly gift wrapped. Personalization and branding of event gifts can also be customized accordingly with corporate your logo.

Corporate Giveaways for Trade Shows

Good quality and excellent finish are required on all products used for trade shows, product launches, events and other conferences. It is good to try out a suitable custom promotional items which can be adapted as per the occasion.

Event promotion gifts or brand merchandising ideas can include promotional products like caps, umbrellas, rain jackets, parasols, conference journals, passport jackets, customized USB pen drives and also folders as give away options for employee engagement programs. Bags in the category of tote bags, duffel bags as well trolley bags for laptop can be niche gifts for trade show giveaways.

Tool kits, Thermos flasks, and corporate mugs are extremely popular as Corporate giveaways for dealer engagement programs. Other special gifts can include organic food items, key chain sets, mini binoculars, memory cards and also hold-all bed sets especially for travel enthusiasts.

corporate souvenir ideas and mementos

Exclusive souvenirs and mementos make a corporate meeting memorable. If it is a sales mentoring seminar, you can have fabulous mementos to award achievers for their past performance. Framed memento, jackets, wind cheaters as well as trophies are a good way to celebrate.

Other souvenirs can include trekking sets, Swiss knife sets, tool kits, all well packed and branded, that will surely make the occasion memorable. The sense of appreciation is also seen in the wrapping, framing and presentation which is of chief importance while conducting such meetings. Stylish gifts can include tote bags, water bottle sets, trekking tool items, overnight bags, eco-friendly gifts, budget watches and wall clocks.