In today’s technology and age where innovation is the key, new gifts are created and launched daily.

Interesting gifts are something which everyone would like to receive and cherish.  It can be a gadget or unique novelty, the durability and quality of gift should always be kept in mind !

MP3 player USB Logo Printing options are available !  Suitable for college event gifts, music promotions, alumni gifts etc. A unique gift – Pen Drive, MP3 player combo ! These cool gifts are small enough to fit into your pocket, purses and backpacks ! Pen with all details of your visiting card ! Now in India !You can now add your visiting card details onto a pen and gift it.My visiting card is an ideal gift for corporates, exhibition gifts, malls, promotional, banks and healthcare.


 Magic mugs which change color.Just pour your tea or coffee and see how the image changes !  





 Talking digital clock Flameless candles – experience the Magic of LED Candles

Desktop Miniature Clocks

Gifting corporate items is delightful! There are interesting sizes and ranges in desktop items that includes the miniature clocks. Shaped on a vase, bottle or even a mobile holder they make excellent gifts in the durable variety.

Arranging new colors and shapes in the same is also easy as you place an order for customized clocks that carry a message or contain a brand name. Clocks with stationery holders are also a novel idea.



































































Corporate gifts for CEO

Gifts for senior personnel especially the highest ranking CEO has to be special. These can include the best in smart and accessible gadgets and also travel items. The CEO position is senior and gifts must be based on the seniority of the person. Hence it is good to include stylized gifts that are in the luxurious range.

 Kyte’s Flame less Candle  


 BCT -906  Golf set 908 BCT



 world time clocks  


Home decor gifts


Decision maker







Super Exclusive Gifts made from SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals


Classic Globe – Clock. Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals. Product Code : [ U0297-045-GMX01 ]-sc-fus










OM- Pen Set large with Black Pen. Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS Crystals.  Product Code : [ U0418-172-GRE ]-sc-fus










Heart & Tulips Rotating Clock-

Product Code : [ U0333-146-GMX01 ]-sc-fus











Mini Pony oval base with Clock-Product Code : [ U0418-172-GRE ]-sc-fus


Special care must be taken to add a touch of glamour to the packaging. Personalized items too are a perfect way to gift a senior professional like a CEO of the company. Branded and good quality items are certainly great.

A few gifts meant for a CEO may include:

  • Gadgets, mobile covers, apps.
  • Wireless mouse
  • Desktop accessories in premium kinds
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Crystal sets
  • Utility items for outdoor travel.

The best in gadgets like mobile covers and additional apps for a console is a great gift. Trending
styles also include a wireless mouse or an android phone to suit the utility needs of a senior
professional. Other ideas can be great looking desktop accessories like planners, alarm clocks
or even crystal figurines branded with your company logo.

An important item are the sets in crystal for decorative purpose. The
sincere utility items like a digital camera, outdoor travel items as well as camping essentials
would be a perfect gift for the professional who is an enthusiastic trekker. The best in CEO
gifts or Executive Gifts can be also obtained with us. Special and radiating extravagant styles, there are hampers for
personal use, which can be personalized to create a decorum that is formal and stylish.

es are a class apart !

Conference giveaways – Corporate gifts for Conferences, Events and Promotions

For a conference, the giveaways have to be ideal. This can be ensured with mouse pads, pens,
pencil sets, pen holders and desktop items. Office items like file holders, desktop alarm clocks,
digital clocks as well as folders are unique gifts. For special gifts there can be photo frames,
utility items with respect to the theme, bags, laptop handle bags as well as an Eco friendly
collection of bags.
ECO FRIENDLY JUTE PRODUCTS and GIFT ITEMS, eco-friendly Conference folders, jute bags etc

 Jute Conference folders :















Conference folders ( plastic ) :



CARD PEN DRIVES business card / credit card shaped USB drivePen drive / USB flash drives are excellent new age Corporate gifts for Conferences, Events and Promotions. Pen drives can be branded with company logo and preloaded with your marketing material.






Desktop gift items and stationary items






Pen With Multi Functions



 Pen With Magnetic Stand  50 Years Calendar Key chain



Sports Water Bottle


Water Bottle – Sipper Steel Bottle


sipper bottles













Mouse pad with calculator












Desk stick Stand with Ball Pen



Almost every client, customer or employee appreciates a gift. Exhibition Gifts / Product launch gifts– A pen drive is a good tool to distribute marketing literature, and incentive for people to visit your stand. Press Releases – Using a pen drive to distribute the press release and receivers will appreciate this utility gift. – you can save a presentation and spec sheet of your new product to inside each USB flash drive.

Conference Giveaways can also include planners, handy car accessories, sun shades and
caps. The giveaways have to be apt as per the occasion and they are also seen with miniature
representations of globes and other such utility items. Metal plated photo frames, key chains as
well as mini planners are great gifts for a seminar too. Pocket sized calculators with engraved
logs make great mementos too. Stylish giveaways are the large coffee mugs and thermo mugs
that is suited for executive cubicle use.

corporate thank you gifts – Expressing Thank you should be a sincere effort. This could be done for various reasons or events. Conference thank you gifts with a cover letter are apt.

Gifts for employees: There could be an exemplary feat done by an employee which requires a special type of gifting. Though this does not fall in the corporate event structure saying Thank you to the employee who has contributed to the organization with excellent performance or cost cutting techniques can be awarded with unusual corporate gifts. Gifts can be in the form of mementoes like time pieces, wrist watches, gold coins or porcelain gift articles.

Desktop Gifts

A whole range of desktop gift items is available to you in economical as well as branded variety. This includes smart table top calendars, alarm clocks and planners. Having an uncluttered desk is certainly a need to maintain a corporate decorum. It is great to find the best gifts for your desktop needs that are elite and serve the standards of your company.

Desktop articles also include diaries in the best imported covers and the jacketed styles in planners.































Visiting Card Holder/Desktop Clock/Pen Holder


3 in 1 Crystal Desktop gift








Pendulum Crystal clock







3 in 1Crystal Desk clock




Smart pen holders and exclusive styles in coffee mugs and coasters are also a welcome idea. If you are looking for something special you can also include a USB flash drive with a compact cases. Handcrafted wooden items like pen holders and mobile holders are great too. Stress balls, photo frames and also exclusive pens are good as desktop gifts.Paperweights in crystal and varying shapes are also attractive desktop items. Personalized mugs too are a common choice.



Crystal gifts

Elegance and style is blended well in the crystal gifts that represent respect, grandeur and sincerity.

Depicting an emotion or expressing a figure of an animal or a mythical bird, there are so many possibilities with crystal. Crystal jewelry is also very famous and the tinted colors make it presentable.

Goblets in crystal or glasses are also available and that is truly a special gift. Exclusive in every way they are great as senior management gifts too.

Crystal angels and also certain feng shui items can be used to create more harmony and good luck to your residence. Add more elegance to your collectibles with the best in crystal sets like bowls, cabinet display as well as abstract shapes. A vase in the vintage style, a sea animal or even a large bowl in crystal are exclusive gifts for your corporate needs. Carefully packed and presented with a lot of elan, crystal gifts surely are perfect in every way.







Promotional coffee mugs

We supply custom made and personalised promotional coffee mugs in. Our mugs are made up of printable materials that can be used to print, emboss or etch the artwork on the circumference. Use your company logo and / or an inspirational message to enhance the branding experience.

These promotional coffee mugs are available in attractive designs and colours to match your organization’s theme and colour scheme. These prints do not get washed away while washing and are microwave safe.

We have earned noteworthy business through our customized and personalized promotional coffee mugs and received repeat orders year after year. Check our online promotional coffee mugs catalogue for having idea about the latest designs and colours introduced.

In addition to the available custom mugs, we can also get the promotional mugs customized for you, as per your requirements. Please contact us to let our representative visit you for more inputs.

Promotional bags

Promotional bags are an excellent example of corporate advertising techniques. You can use our personalised promotional bags for promoting your company at a wider scale. They can be put to use both for personal and professional usage as well. These, multi-utility products may serve the customer’s daily needs and hence provide the needed exposure to you.

These bags are made up of eco-friendly jute materials and colours. They are soft to touch yet they possess the strength to carry loads and articles, as the size permits. The stitching and designing ensures that all the pieces are stitched together properly and do not put strain while carrying.

Moreover, they are stitched in attractive patterns that complement the bag design and colour schemes. The best benefit of our bags is that they are trendy and strong. We also supply non woven promotional bags at economic pricing structures.

Pen drives

Exclusive styles in pen drive are always seen coming in new styles. It is awesome to note the compact series in pen drives that are so very easy on the utility and presentation. Pen drives can be customized to suit a particular promotional product. Corporate gifting with value addition via technological products is always popular. Ordering the gift online is also a superb idea.

Orders in bulk or in selected pieces for your corporate gifting idea is feasible. The pen drives in the shape of a pen, credit card, lipstick as well as compact pieces are seen with a lot of color and glamor that suits a gifting idea.

You can also have your choice depending on the GB capacity you require. Glide pen styles or pen drive blades are also good deals. Unique shapes in transport modes as well as stylish ones in a durable pack are also common.


SEVERAL KINDS OF PEN DRIVES ARE AVAILABLE including  customized bulk pen drives to match the product / theme or event

Pen shaped pen drives Visiting card pen drives/ credit card pen drives



 Eco friendly pen drives / environment friendly pen drives



 U talk radiation free handsets