Luxury Corporate Gifts

Gifting unique items as luxurious corporate gifts is easy. For regular needs you can always fix up a good vendor who will take care of these needs. It is essential to build a bond with your corporate clients and present them the best in luxurious gifts that are of immense utility. Another idea is also about tangible gifts, which are in the profiled category. It will be in fitness of things to add a particular packaging style that is useful and at the same time serves the purpose of the occasion. Meaningful gifts are of the best in quality and latest items, which can be presented, in the corporate style.

  • Holiday packages.
  • Gift vouchers for resorts or spas.
  • Wrist watches in the branded category.
  • Accessories for personal care and grooming.
  • Gadgets like mobiles.
  • Crystal gifts and cut glass works

The best styles in luxury gifts are also seen in hampers that are based on organic items like cosmetics or beauty products. The emphasis is to have a specialized gift that is comfortable and translates your confidence level in a tangible form that will highlight your corporate decorum. Gifts like premium wall clocks, vouchers for grooming at spa’s are expensive and are done in style.










22 caret gold work elephant -sc-ht



Corporate gifts for Rs.600 to Rs.1000 in India

Interesting gifts can be arranged in this range for corporate gifts. The best is about the quality and the engraving that sends an appropriate message to the create awareness. Luxury gifts and Quality products are seen in backpacks, windcheaters, branded umbrellas, handicraft items, hand made jewelry sets, special bags for rain wear and kitchenware items. Glass sets, bowls or even stainless items can be easily packed and presented admirably to corporate clients. Other gifts can include desktop accessories like planners, alarm world clocks and figurines or idols in sandalwood or woodwork. Tumbler sets, Sippers,leak proof lunch boxes and leather cases are also great gifts.


Below Corporate Gift ideas – from Rs 600 to Rs 1,000



 Luminara Candles –  Flameless candles are exquisite to adorn your rooms

























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