Premium Tableware for Gifting from Noritake

Introducing Noritake’s premium tableware.

The Noritake Brand spells quality, style, and durabilty and is one of the leading brands in the world for exclusive tableware. Noritake is appreciated in various places including airplanes, hotels, restaurants, households throughout the world or just about anywhere when welcoming honored guests.

Noritake offers unique tableware for unforgettable gifting. So if one is looking for Personal gifts, Wedding Gifts, Festive Gifts or Corporate Gifts that will be treasured by the ones who receive it Noritake is your natural choice. Every piece is truly crafted a masterpiece that will last a lifetime.  

Noritake products include exquisite and premium Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Tea cups/Saucers, Mugs & flower Vases etc.


















Flower Vases












Dinner Set











Tea Sets


Personalized mugs with a message or the brand name are a fabulous idea. They are economical and can also be used to suit the needs of the executive in the company. Colorful and stylish coffee mugs are always a premium. It is great to find that the smart mugs are available in sets You can also arrange to order separate packaging of each piece so as to give a special feeling. Mugs have always been a common gift when it comes to corporate gifting.

Mugs or cups in plastic, metal, dual tones as well as ceramic are now very popular. Customizing a text on the mug is quite easy. Engraving a logo is also done with ease. For special gifting purposes glass mugs with golden rims can also be a good idea. Perfect for a seminar or a conference, the mugs are certainly the best of its kind in fabulous shapes and designs.






































Coasters and Coaster trays