Promotional Gifts in India

There are several Promotional Gift Products and promotional gift items which are ever popular and common Gifting scenario in India. Let’s study which gifting option would be ideally suited to your requirement.


Promotional bags : – Bags are a good gift when you want to promote a particular product. Engraved with a message or a logo, bags in the promotional variety are colorful and can be offered to meet the purpose of utility.

It is indeed interesting to have special utility bags with handle, meant for grocery shopping and sturdy ones in jute or cotton that are  handy and have an aesthetic look.

Eco friendly Bags,  Jute I pad covers are getting popular for ladies including the totes as business gifts in India and messenger bags for men which also facilitates official use.



  Promotional t shirts :- In keeping with the present casual dress code, T shirts in the sports variety can be ordered in bulk for a particular section of your company. You can have various colors like yellow, blue and even whites.

The printing can be done easily and it is nice to have some logo marked on the same. T shirts in cotton and Lycra catering to Gym wear is also available.

Dependable and durable orders are entertained by professional companies. T shirts for an event can also be catered with a bold logo imprinted to create awareness of the product.





Promotional pen drive : – Various types of pen drives are available as per capacity, size and design. It is wonderful to work out a special shape or size of the pen drive that is indeed useful.

For executives as well as sales employees, pen drives facilitate a lot of activity and hence they can be ordered. Orders for corporate gifts and promotional items can be done online to save time. Colorful and vibrant shapes in pen drives certainly make it appealing and is full of utility. Card Shaped pen Drives are the most popular.






Promotional pens :- Pens are a common feature when you promote a particular scheme of the product. Firstly, the utility factor here is very high.

It is good to also offer a set of pens to senior professionals. Bulk quantities in pens are always easy to order at cheaper rates and distribute.

Colored pens will always be in demand and the name of the product can be engraved on the same. Presented in the right style and etiquettes are also a great way to gift people.








Promotional Wall clocks : – Stylish and elegant wall clocks are always a great gift. It is great to find the best gifts in wall clocks conforming to various sizes.

It can also be customized as per the idea of the product. Logo or engraving on the wall clock will be a good idea. Ideally, a message can also go along with it.

Art works in antique styled wall clocks also work well for many corporate orders.




Non woven bags, jute bags

The best in non woven bags is also getting very famous as modern gifts in the corporate world. Gifts emphasize the need for bonding and it is a token of appreciation of the efforts. Excellent promotional gifts are also seen with jute bags. With more people supporting the cause of ecology, the non woven variety is getting popular.

Admirable styles in jute are seen as small bags, grocery bags, satchels and also ladies bags. Along with wooden handles and shoulder bags, the colors in mauve, lilac, green and orange are astonishing.

The logo can be engraved or hand painted and this brings out the color well. Small pouches, foldable bags in non woven variety, sling bags and also travel related compact bags are surely seen in a wide range of fluorescent colors and regular black and white shades.

Stitched along with compartments for bottles and other pockets for regular items, the colors in the bags are
amazing and adds a new style to gifting.

The vast range includes Jute shopping bags, Jute promotional bags, Jute tote bags, designer jute bags etc



Eco friendly Promotional Jute bags and accessories

Promotional bags

Promotional bags are an excellent example of corporate advertising techniques. You can use our personalised promotional bags for promoting your company at a wider scale. They can be put to use both for personal and professional usage as well. These, multi-utility products may serve the customer’s daily needs and hence provide the needed exposure to you.

These bags are made up of eco-friendly jute materials and colours. They are soft to touch yet they possess the strength to carry loads and articles, as the size permits. The stitching and designing ensures that all the pieces are stitched together properly and do not put strain while carrying.

Moreover, they are stitched in attractive patterns that complement the bag design and colour schemes. The best benefit of our bags is that they are trendy and strong. We also supply non woven promotional bags at economic pricing structures.