Trophies in metal as well as wood are widely accepted in the corporate circle. Engraved with a message or a citing, trophies and medals are surely a great way to enhance the team’s effort or recognize the effort of your support staff. Customizing the trophies can easily be done with engraving and sizes too can be arranged for. Trophies combined with a desktop item or a clock is also popular as corporate gifts. New styles are also seen in crystal trophies that can be used as a desktop item.

Laminated and gold trimmed certificates on glass are also getting more famous. It is wonderful to greet your staff into a new office with trophies and recognition certificates for their past year’s performance. For grand functions, workshops as well as seminars, the best in acrylic styles of trophies along with logo is now available in various sizes. Ordering a trophy online is also an easy option.



Awards, certificates, Plaques, medals, and Trophies come in unique shapes and sizes.

crystal trophy, acrylic trophy,  wooden trophy,   copper trophy,   golden trophy  etc



































































Corporate diwali gifts

Let the blessed employees, customers and business associates, all shine with corporate Diwali gifts. We bring to you exclusive theme based corporate Diwali gifts to sparkle in this season. Starting from Lord Ganesha theme gifts to ‘Diya’ theme gifts to bright coloured gifts, we have all the reasons to make your associates shine this Diwali.

Diwali in India is considered a perfect occasion to build up relationships and exchanging gifts with each other. Selecting appropriate corporate gifts for employees, customers and business associates is a responsible but tedious task. Sometimes, even in-office celebrations may alter the marketing budget for expensive gifts but this time, you need not worry.

Light up your occasion with our business gifts for your employees and customers. Make them feel special with inspirational messages printed on gifts along with the company logo. Keeping in mind their class and utility, we have custom-made business gifts for business associates as well.






Corporate gifts for Rs.100 to Rs.300 in India

Gifts related to special budgets are easily available in shops. The shipping can be arranged too. The gifts include jute bags, non-woven variety pouches, vibrant colors in eco friendly ethnic bags and smart purses for women and men.

For Corporate Gifts within Rs100 – 200 range, you can also include camp and trekking items like thermos flask, bottle sets, tool kits and desktop items in stationery like writing pads, sets off coffee mugs, coasters, writing instruments and mouse pads. The utility must be high so that the receiver retains it for a long time. The brand name on the same will surely work as the best advertising campaign.





PENS and pen sets  crystal gift pens


























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 Color changing magic mugs  color inside mug with spoon


 Digital clock with pen stand  water clock



   LED Reading Light-sc-pc




   key chain with clock



  9 LED Torch Light by HOT TIPS-sc-ios





Note: Corporate Gift Prices are indicative only and may not correspond to actual prices.