Unique Corporate Gifts

Gifts for leisure and pleasure are always unique ideas in corporate gifting. The emphasis for gifting is the style and the package. Most gifts come in special packs or wrappings but you can add a more personal touch with engraving. Unique gifts are sports gears like camping items, vouchers for shoes as well as personal items like grooming.

A pack of eco friendly products is also a great gift to choose from.

Promotional products in unique range are related to mobiles; I pad covers, jute folders and luxurious products that are meant for senior corporate professionals. More items are seen in unique styles in ladies items like goggles, wrist watches and hand bags.

Special gifts also include new styles in leather and luggage items like trolley bags and versions in wallets or pouches meant for outdoor use.








  talking clock    

projector clock

Trolley bags are always a special item because of its multi-utility. There are newer versions in colors like beige, browns and the blacks.

  • Camping sets, waterproof watches, rackets and badminton essentials.
  • Accessories like watches, goggles and other accessories are also unique concepts.
  • Unique ideas in gifting also include the best styles in branded leather goods and accessories.

Corporate products are diverse referring to auto sector, cold drink manufacturer or also soaps. To promote a product retail freebies are a main attraction. This can be a aromatic paper soap, key chains, miniature soaps and also a small sachet of chocolates. There are unique gifts which can be customized with the vendor.

Crystal pieces make excellent corporate gifts for senior management, including gifts like mini vases, figurines and bowls. The artistic display is a perfect adornment on the desktop. Accessories in writing instruments are the age old concept to promote a product. These are like pens inscribed with the product or logo or visiting card holders. Pen holders, bowls or photo mugs seem a perfect option.

Most Corporate gifts can also be personalized with the name print on the same. Foreign delegates or new collaborators can be given a pack of chocolates or also a set of writing instruments. Branded products can also be looked into as an option during exclusive occasions. Marketing bags, Card holders or International travel bags are also other unique ideas in corporate gifting.


Unique Corporate Gift

A unique corporate gift can be a set of hampers that include organic items, home requirements, a set of the best writing instruments, portfolio collections, outdoor essentials.

Desktop items like branded alarm clocks, planners, diaries and notebooks are a good idea too. For a conference, it is very much required to have unique corporate items or giveaways like set of water bottles, leak proof lunch boxes, rain wear or even an assorted set of Table top gift items.

In case it’s an annual event and a regular attendance of staff along with family then the gifts can be a bit casual. There are several collections of pen holders, handicraft works, metal sculptures or crystal gift items. The company’s logo or the occasion can be inscribed on the gift. Wrist watches are common corporate gifts especially during annual festivals.

These can be branded with the company name to create a good marketing effect. Choosing a good supplier or vendor is very important. Whatever the occasion it is important to personalize the gift and also insist of a good way of presenting the gift.