Video brochure and LCD e writers

It is the digital age and it is no wonder that marketers are coming out with unique concepts to drive home their messages riding the digital wave.  As video brochure manufacturer in India, we offer the best prices. The video brochure is one such introduction that is very interesting and visually impressive. Many marketers are finding favor with this device and slowly phasing out marketing through pamphlets, banners, flyers and the like. They are now communicating with their target audience through this audio visual medium more and more. New product launches, delivering information about an upcoming marketing promotion are all being done through the video brochure.

This device features an LCD screen with speakers and memory storage. You record the message you wish to, along with any pictures and that is all. Just pack and send to your target segment and you will find that they receive such communication very positively. They are lesser likely to junk it like they do to most other direct marketing material. You retain the flexibility of adding  and deleting what you have created at any time as well.

Talking of LCD, another device is the LCD ewriter that is also making waves. If you are looking for the most natural writing experience without using pen or paper, turn to these devices. Just write what you want to on to the LCD screen and throw away all the scratch pads, sticky notes and other paper you are so used to all these years.

The images you have created on these devices will stay till you erase and create new ones. It is suitable for use for all ages. The battery life lasts for as long as 50,000 erases, which covers the life of the product and you will not require any replacement. Take care though to see that you use the prescribed stylus for writing on the screen and do not use it outdoors. You should also know that you cannot erase specific portions of text or images as upon pressing the erase button, the entire screen will get erased.

One good feature is that you will not end up accidentally pressing the eraser button since the stylus holder is positioned above the eraser itself. This device is compatible with any OS that is able to recognize the USB storage device. You can also connect via Bluetooth to your computer.

If you are interested for bulk prices ordering both of the above items, call us.