Gifts for Employees Appreciation

Presenting gifts for employees is such a pleasure. Awarding gifts to deserving employees is a perfect way to appreciate their contribution.  It is wonderful to note that the gifts in special as well as affordable categories are now available all around the season.

watchesUtility gifts in the premium category include:
Hot plates
Crockery sets
Travel bags
Wrist watches
Mobile phones, tablets and accessories





crockeryThe recent collection in kitchen items certainly includes the best in induction hot plates that are portable. The stylish sets in crockery are exclusive.

Mobile phones too are a great gift.









digital clocksMore utility items in the reasonable range can be seen in :
Drink ware for regular use
Gym bags
Digital alarm clocks






backpackThe more affordable ranges are the umbrellas and backpacks with a message embossed on it. Drink ware for dispensing water as well as the best colored glasses are also a reasonable idea when you want to order in bulk quantities.

Gym bags with good quality zippers and handles are a stylish item. Another great gift is also the digital alarm clocks which you can choose in a size and range that is admirable.






A good style in packaging and presentation is also seen in all the gift items.

To go along with a formal occasion, the new ideas in the best packaging are now available which  makes your occasion and celebration more convincing.

– Author and editor Kamakshi Gupte



We offer a world of corporate gifting solutions and quality corporate gift ideas for employees in India.

Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Diwali is a time for cheer and pomposity. This is also an ideal time to spread happiness in your office and give the best gifts for all your employees. Most offices have an annual party during Diwali and perhaps the best idea would be to distribute dry fruit hampers as a take away gift. There are customized gifts available too and the best kind of wrapping in baskets as well as boxes are available. Deciding what to gift your employee is quite a difficult task. Perhaps it is good to categorize the gifts based on employee profile and requirements. Corporate gifts like exclusive pens, desktop clocks and photo frames are also famous corporate gifts for employees in India.

The most popular gift during Diwali are hampers in chocolates, cookies and boxes of confectionery. Colleagues and co-workers also appreciate traditional sweetmeats of India made in the home made variety. Handmade decorative items in the traditional items are also exclusive Diwali gifts pertaining to brass ware, statues and gift paintings of Gods as well as wall hangings. New gift items also refer to exotic fruits that are neatly packed and wrapped as attractive presentations. Glassware and glass boxes with dry fruits are also a common idea during Diwali festival gifting in India.

Alarm clocks as well as desktop accessories in the utility nature are the best. Employee centric organization looks out for best ideas in watches, compact travel folders, wallets and organizers. It is also interesting to note that gifts meant for people with an adventurous streak are also available in the finest option.

Tote bags for the women, pen holders and also messenger bags can be used as utility items. Branded wrist watches or pens is a good idea.It is great to find several other utility items  like folders, recycled note pads and sippers meant for office. Food or gourmet delights is an upcoming trend with layered suggestions in condiments, pickles and refreshing ready-to-eat delights. Author Kamakshi Gupte.



Gifts for Employees

Festive times necessitate the occasion of gifting. Employees require morale boosting in terms of their service rendered. Often monetary enhancements are required but a verbal appreciation is also essential to retain the services of a motivated employee. The true wealth of any organization lies with the level of motivation provided by all levels of managements. Companies realize the virtue of motivation and also provide congenial amenities to enhance the productivity of the employees.

Perks, gift vouchers and holiday homes are a wonderful means to boost the morale of the employee. Employee gift can be gifted in wonderful cases or baskets. Assorted biscuits, cookies or muffins are also common means of gifting the employee. More recognized gifts can come in form of music CD’s, Swiss Army Knives, a collection of literature or exclusive branded writing instruments.








Jute Handbags Eco-friendly corporate gifts for employees – With more awareness on environmental conservation and global warming the corporate gifts can be simplified or modified into ecofriendly products. Management recognizes the wealth of the employee and also award meritorious achievements especially during these times when it is necessary to curtail wastage. Felicitation corporate gifts are common ways to recognize new talent and also award a deserving employee. A special recognition is often required when an employee contributes greatly in terms of motivation, team spirit, product enhancement or cost control.

Hand made diyas, contributions by foot and mouth artists, eco-friendly gifts products made in India by recycled waste products are also a way the management empathizes the ecology preservation need. A set of shopping bags, creative organic colors like paints and craft work can also boost the morale of the employee. Chinese lamps, hand made wood sculpture; bronze pieces and embroided tapestry also serve as an alternative.

Corporate gifts for employees

Exciting gifts meant for employees can be created around a theme. For a festive occasion, there
are several new gifting ideas. To make it special, you can also organize a party and award each
of your employees with interesting gifts. Employee centric organizations always look for gifts
in the preferred variety to keep the spirits high of all their employees. Economical gifts in good
quality are available too. Improving relations is a sincere effort in building a support system
within an organization.

You can make your choice in the following utility items and arrange for the perfect occasion to
gift it to your employees:

  • Chocolates and home made toffees
  • Assorted biscuits.
  • Bags in non woven variety.
  • Handmade jewelry.
  • corporate T-shirts printed for employees

Exclusive gifts can be arranged with great wrapping ideas and an art of presentation. Stylish
sets as magazine racks, coffee table books as well as utility items for the kitchen seem great too.
Chocolates are always a perfect choice and loved by people of all ages. You may also include a
few dark chocolates as a healthy option.

Biscuits in various tastes and shapes have always been a distinct style. Available in amazing packs and boxes they are the best gift for all occasions.

The eco-friendly concept is catching up in a big way and hence non woven bags are a perfect choice.
They are long lasting and come in vibrant colors. The exquisite choice in jewelry especially the
handmade variety enhances the art of gifting.